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A hip, well-dressed yuppie tracks down his biological parents, only to find that they live in a trailer park.


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Actors Struggle to Get Through The Scenes

When this many great actors struggle to get through their lines all signs of what went wrong points to the director. The script doesn't start out especially strong, about the humor and over exaggeration of a SNL skit, but more of it could have been salvaged if the director had known how to direct the talents here. Instead, the cast obviously doesn't care about the film and are ignoring their comedic sensibilities (or told they are wrong) and do nothing to correct the constant problem of inauthenticity and tonal roller coaster here. This is basically a train wreck.

I was spell bound from the start!

The trip the wayward son is me, but I left home at 17, 3 months after High School graduation into the US Army because they moved away from me. My older brother beat me up as a child, threatened me with a hammer and my other brother was dyslexic and never graduated for Jr. high. My parents hung out in the den with the doors closed every night and dad golfed every Saturday and Sunday. Mother learned and was absent golfing while I grew up in a brutal cold nobody cares what any one else does, counting the minutes until they could sell the house and move east to their private golf club in Ontario California. They were glad to see me go because it was an excuse to totally abandon their parental responsibility's and cash in on selling the house, which they did. My dad was only 46, but he believed he could live off his Mineral royalties' and pension and 'no body cares' environment.I thought the acting, directing, story, photography everything about this picture took me back to my childhood and the rest of my life not wanted or appreciated.What a great movie!!!!!!!Randy Walburger74 years old and still a Relative Stranger until I die!

Relative Strangers

Danny Davito , Kathy Bates are terrific in this movie. Not sure why others didnt like it. It was a naughty cute movie
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