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Drama | Horror
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6.6 / 10 
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Directors: Chase Dudley [Director] ,

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A delusional cryptozoologist and a psychopathic television presenter lead an amateur expedition into wild forests in hopes of finding the legendary Thunderbird, which they believe is the ancestor of a prehistoric Pteranodon.


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Although it is not a masterpiece, "Beasts of the Field" is a pretty good horror-thrller directed by Chase Dudley. It is slow-moving in parts, but the final 25 minutes of the film is very good. The performances in the film are terrific, especially Gregory Blair and Amber Dawn Fox. Overall, "Beasts of the Field" is a decent effort. Actually better than most mainstream horror films. I would give it a recommendation.

Dudley's descent into madness!

Great cinematography, creepy yet appropriate music, well done story and good acting overall. This movie is not what you are expecting, but that's a good thing. A monster movie? Absolutely. But not your typical creature feature. Director Chase Dudley continues to learn as he goes, never being afraid to bring his vision to the screen and his passion for filmmaking shows in his product. Gregory Blair & Tory L. Beckham really shine in this latest outing. "Beasts of the Field" is a lesson in how not to let it all go to your head. Looking forward to the next in a growing filmography.

Fun watch with an unexpected plot twists!

I enjoyed watching it! Cool unexpected ending! Amazing location with some beautifully filmed scenes! Some solid performances by Gregory Blair , Amber Dawn Fox who was very funny , also loved actors who played a camera man and hick guy!
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