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Animation | Family
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70 min
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4.8 / 10 
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Directors: James Snider [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Zooey and Flip are two young penguins on a mission. With Christmas right around the corner, they set out to fulfill their colony's fish quota, making sure each and every penguin has a holiday feast that fills their bellies and warms their wings. But, there's one problem - Zooey and Flip can't catch any fish. Hatching a plan to plant a community garden of shared ice vegetables, Zooey believes she has the answer to Penguin Land's fish shortage. So pull on your snow shoes and come visit Penguinland, where fun and adventure forever grow.


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My new favourite movie

I watched it through once and it's a masterpiece. The characters are colourful and interesting, and the villain is sexy. The deer are all unique and the mushroom people are squishy and cute. The story is incredibly vibrant and I would absolutely watch this sober. 10/10 experience.

An under appreciated masterpiece

The story follows 2 penguins trying the secure the snacks. This movie teaches to children, that vegetables are not "no good". The animation is a moving piece of art on the level of the Mona Lisa. With the astounding 3D animation style, and the amazing voice actors, the story is displayed perfectly and the character development remains true throughout, while staying out of this world with it's story.

P. S. The end fight scene rivals the work of the MCU.
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