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90 min
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3 / 10 
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Directors: Gary Bosek [Director] ,

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Jake Casper, an ordinary high school student, finds a powerful, extraordinary box in the attic of his Grandpa's antique store. He must learn the purpose of the box, the power within it, and overcome all obstacles in his way before it is too late. —Gary Bosek


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Good Fantasy Film

This was a good fantasy film that the whole family will enjoy.

Overwrought religious drama

A simple wooden box is given by Jesus to a young boy containing a nail fromthe crucifixion which presumably happens after the resurrection before theascension.

Flash forward from the 1st to the 21st century and the box falls into the handsof young Luke Hodgson. To Hodgson and to only a few others visins of theevents of Calvary occur. Includimjg to Dick Anthony Williams, another youngman who has had his leukemia come out of remission.

The Messenger's Box was a sincere effort, but too much has been proven falseabout religious relics the past to have anyone realy believe these evets. Mostprominently the Shroud of Turin which covered the dead and crucifed Jesuspresumably. It got to Italy somehow as this got to Middle America.

This film won't get out f church basements.

Good intentions. Questionable results

There's little positive to say about this movie. It seems like someone tried to convert a short story or a hastily conceived concept into a full feature film. I can't even give it points for promoting Christian doctrine since it's only tie to the faith is an attempt to attach magic qualities to fictional relics of Christian symbolism. Even graded on a curve against other low budget films, this one is worth avoiding.
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