2177: The San Francisco Love Hacker Crimes (2019) 720p

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2177: The San Francisco Love Hacker Crimes (2019) - Movie Poster
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23.976 fps
English 2.0  
Run Time:
98 min
IMDB Rating:
1.5 / 10 
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Directors: Jose Figueroa [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A man wakes up after an attempt on his life, with no memory of who he is. He suddenly finds himself on the run with his would-be assassin. His wife, a hard-edged, cool-headed police officer, begins a desperate search to find him. A move that could end her career.


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Hey actors have bills to pay too...3/10.

Why are there so many one stars reviews for this movie!?! It is a low budget movie with serious sound quality issues, but I've seen much worse movies and shows with barely any storyline and worse CGI effects and music. Come on.

Sean Patrick Flannery was the main reason people wanted to see this lil' gem but the low budget Minority Report knock-off probably belongs to another genre called "Graduate-student-cgi-self-produced-live-action-anime-inspired-I'll-hire-all-my-friends-to-make-this-one" category. Really, it's not THAT bad.

Besides, there are some actors that have bills to pay want to have a little fun with their skills. Years later, the generation after Z will find this and think it's awesome. Or maybe it'll be on Bad Moves and a Beat.

Why does IMBD allow junior high school films as "movies"?

This is pretty lame. Sorry. Feel free to check it out, just in case you ever thought all the reviews were wrong....


Yes worstest...just alone the audio...whoever recorded it did it from a razor phone, emailed it to themself then used it for the tracks. I can only imagine 2 mop handles with 2 Razor phones attached to them capturing audio during production. Sometimes you need people around you to tell you to stop recording., or just maybe someone with too much money and a bad dream....
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