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Call Them Hooters, Dad!

I honestly had not heard about this movie before. I actually found it while doing laundry on the free stuff shelf they leave down in the room after people move out. There as also four copies of Titanic on VHS and a tape of Eddie Murphy's Delirious. In case you were wondering. With all that choice how could I pass up a promotional copy of a Corey Haim movie I have never heard of...which also stars Cynthia Rothrock...weird.

The movie is about a weirdly overly enthusiastic kid and his dad who are a bank robbing team. They drive from town to town and rob banks and the post office, getting away using plans that are meticulously thought out to the last detail. They also talk about Cynthia Rothrock's chest a lot, or as Mr. Haim says "Call Them Hooters, Dad." In fact, the father-son relationship seems like it is really close. The main topic they talk about that isn't robbing banks, is boobs, and sex with ladies. Some hi-jinks they go through include Haim getting distracted by ladies, talking about ladies boobs, as well as having sex once, which he breaks his dad out of jail just so he can tell him. There are some really great car chases though, including a super fun one at the very end. Also, Cynthia Rothrock kicks everything including furniture and fast food. So, it's not all bad.

Fast Getaway is alright. It has a few fun moments, that mostly include some well-directed car chases. But, I wasn't too into the father-son sex talk plot line which took up most of the movie.

Good enough

This is a very entertaining movie with the likes Corey Haim&Cynthia Rothrock. Unfortunately i couldn't give this movie more than 7/10 because i didn't like 2 things about this film: Corey Haim dressed as womany(you could see that he was very embarrassed for acting like that)and Cynthia Rothrock's skills are wasted here a lil' bit. If she had more than screen time & more fights i think that this movie would have been a classic because Cynthia was in top form. But all in all was a good movie and Cynthia Rothrock didn't disappoint. Fast Getaway 2 isn't a good follow up unfortunately. This movie and Guardian Angel are my favorite movies with Cynthia Rothrock.

Movie for late night

This must be one of those made for TV movie that's designed to kill 2 hours of the people who are watching it. The quality is good, but the story is pretty brainless.

Four crooks makes a bank heist. One of them is a teenage son of the boss, and the brain of the gang.The gang has a falling out, and father and the son team goes off on their own. The story then takes twist of its own, and goes deep into misadventures of all who are involved.

I kind of liked this movie. There were many movies like this in the '90s that came on at late nights.

Cynthia Rothrock is one of the gang, and she shows her kung-fu skill on this movie, but her acting is pretty one dimensional. She could have gone further if her acting improved after her 10th year mark, but it never happened.

These movies are made for late night entertainment, and should be watched in that vein.
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