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Directors: Franklin Adreon [Director] ,

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Jean Evans of an international wildlife foundation has made herself at home in Africa as the elephant-riding, vine-swinging, miniskirted 'Panther Girl.' On safari to film animals, Jean encounters something really wild; a giant crayfish monster (created by greedy scientist Morgan who, with his henchmen, hopes to scare everyone out of the district, then secretly mine diamonds). Jungle perils aplenty stand between Jean (an active, competent heroine) and her hunter friend Larry and their goal of tracing the 'claw monster' to its source. —Rod Crawford


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They call her the Panther Girl, but she rides the elephant

Jean Evans, known in the jungles of Africa as the Panther Girl, is filming wildlife when she encounters what appears to be a giant crawfish in the jungles, which frightens the natives. The monster is the creation of chemist Morgan who has been feeding crawfish growth hormones. The reason for this is that Morgan has discovered a diamond mine, and with his two henchmen Cass and Rand, want to drive out the natives so they can work the mine unknown to everyone. Jean calls in her friend Larry Sanders, a big game hunter, to destroy the claw monster, but they also have to tackle Cass, Rand, and whatever idea Morgan can come up with to stop them. This is not a bad serial considering the era of the serials in 1955, but the serial seems flat and the performances only fair. Only when does the serial splice in footage from Jungle Girl does the serial seem to take on any life. The claw monster idea was probably novel in 1955 since there were plenty of mutated monster flicks at the time. Rating, based on serials, 4.

Typical old-time Saturday matinee stuff

I remember this serial from the Saturday double features at our neighborhood theatre. This was one of my favorites since it featured a woman (gorgeous Class-A actress Phyllis Coates)who could kick butt pre-Tomb Raider. I don't mean with fancy weapons and stuff - I mean who could handle a high-powered rifle, wrestle and knock out a a man twice her size, and even square-off face-to-face with a lion, armed with only a knife and a lion's headdress.(!) For its time it was pretty good. My kids got a kick out of the storyline - giant crawdads invading Africa! The Panther Girl (who is actually dressed in a leopard suit) must get to the bottom of this and stop it (with the help of Class-Z ham Myron Healey). If you're up for something corny but fun in its own way, then get this serial. Oh, for a laugh or two, check out the scene when the natives are gathered and are about to set safari after seeing the giant crawdads in action and getting the stew scared out of them. One of the actors is off-cue and is staring at someone on the crew and laughing, then gets back into character after the scene has started with everyone else looking scared, but you have to look quickly. It's worth a look - even the kids might get a laugh or two. Nothing offensive whatsoever.
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