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Comedy | Family
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90 min
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7.9 / 10 
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Directors: Kirk R. Thatcher [Director] ,

Movie Description:
On Halloween night, Gonzo is challenged to spend one night in The Haunted Mansion.


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What a DeFright!

About time Pepe THE KING PRAWN got some justice!

I loved this hilarious, little special and kept thinking throughout: this would make a perfect double feature with The Muppet Christmas Carol. Yes, I know that is for Christmas and This is Halloween (I know) but it worked as one in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Gonzo (who also starred in/narrated TMCC) and Pepe are going to party with the peoples, but since it takes place in a replica of Disney's scary mansion, they might not make it out alive! There's always room for two more...

The songs were good and the humor perfect for the whole family. I loved how G-rated they basically made this so both kids and adults can enjoy and also love the extended role for my favorite Muppet of all time: Pepe.

Highly recommended and I think I will indeed watch it with TMCC in Dec.


Final Thoughts: Please, don't ask me to compare this to the Eddie Murphy version. Never cared to see that and still don't have a desire. This will do just fine.

Much room for improvement

Maybe if Disney ever put out a GOOD muppets show, they would not hide it on Disney+. But wait, they ruined many things they bought and put it on the big screen. Like Starwars.

This did not bring me Muppet joy

Sadly my favorite part of the movie was the dancing and singing during the closing credits. That brought Muppet joy- humans dancing with Muppets and having fun with it. I have not been to the Haunted Mansion rides at the various Disney properties, which, based on friends' reviews, would have given me more of the feels. I did not have the feels. And I love me the Muppets. I was not engaged in the story. Glad it was only 53 minutes long.
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