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Directors: William Sullivan [Director] ,

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Set in a dystopian America where all people who aren't straight, white, Christian and cis gender are kept track of by the government with bar codes.


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Oh I see why it got bad reviews

The bad reviews are from white, cis, straight Christian's.. so obviously they don't like it.. if you are not a bigot you wouldn't really have issues with this movie but..

Intriguing story. Great acting. Gripping suspense.

This intriguing film give us human relationship stories in the midst of a possible outcome of our nation's current divisiveness. The acting is top notch with each actor holding my attention telling each character's complex story. It all happens in the backdrop of extreme revolt but the film doesn't beat you over the head with politics....and it smartly goes down the road of "let's try to understand both sides of the issues"...or, at the very least, "let's listen to each other". Bravo to the writer for tackling a tough topic that has to be explored. American Insurrection may develop into a classic premonition of where we may be headed if we don't become more tolerant.

Cool concept but poor execution

I was really excited for this as I usually enjoy dystopian movies, shows, and books. But this movie had poor acting, stunted writing, and confusing/messy plotlines.
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