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7.5 / 10 
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Directors: Potsy Ponciroli [Director] ,

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Old Henry, an action western about a widowed farmer and his son who warily take in a mysterious, injured man with a satchel of cash. When a posse of men claiming to be the law come for the money, the farmer must decide who to trust. Defending a siege of his homestead, the farmer reveals a talent for gun-slinging that surprises everyone calling his true identity into question. —Shout! Studios


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Now THIS is a great western!!!!!

Great acting, great storyline, great cinematography, great plot twist at the end. This is the type of movie that makes westerns a part of our hearts forever in America.

It's was worth 2 dollars, not 5

The actor who plays Henry is fabulous and worth the watch. Everything else is predictable and rather boring. I have no idea why viewers are giving this a 9 or 10. Unforgiven is a 9 or 10.

Don't pay 5 bucks for it.

A good western is hard to find these days but this is one.

Westerns look like a dying breed. Only every now and then you get another western so it's waiting for a good one. Old Henry is one of those. Not very fast paced but certainly worth watching. No huge names either, although Tim Blake Nelson was perfect to play his character. The cinematography was good, the acting was more than good, and the story has a little twist that was clever. Definitely worth your time if you like westerns.
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