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Family | Fantasy
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Alex Zamm [Director] ,

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Friends Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy accidentally revive and release a mummy from its sarcophagus in the days leading up to Halloween. At first terrified, they quickly learn that the Mummy who they affectionately name 'Harold' is actually very sweet and in dire need of assistance.


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Forced wokeness = Not entertainment

This movie wants to show you how inclusive they are and give up on just wanting to tell an entertaining story. It's just virtue signaling. Disney doesn't really care.

My 5 year old loved this movie

My 5 year old loved this movie. The Mummy meets Encino Man. It's a heartfelt effort from Disney; it does exactly what it says on the tin. Gilbert is a star, we'll be watching the career of Christian Simon with interest. In fact, they should all do well hopefully. It's a shame that the gentle inclusivity warrants a 1/10 from many repressed users who find it difficult to be objective. Come on, even Battlefield Earth has 2.5. If you're going to give anything 1/10 it says more about you than the movie.

Great movie

Great movie I wish they did second movie with the same cast and add more cast members to the movie. Like it did with the zombies.

I am currently not a big fan of the zombies but this movie is lot better

Thank you for making this movie.
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