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84 min
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4.2 / 10 
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Directors: Dominic Brunt [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Three family members break into a remote country house to recover secret documents, but discover a cult of wealthy adults dressed as babies inside with sexy "nurses" as their caretakers.


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I bet the people giving this high marks give ALL bad movies high marks...

First off, in case you don't want to read this whole review, I just want to say don't watching this movie unless you want to waste a couple of hours of your life -- you have been warned.

Some people always root for the underdog simply because they relate and sympathize with the loser, and if that's the case, then they will no doubt love this movie, because this has to be one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life, and YES, it is truly THAT bad. I won't waste my time explaining much of it because I just wasted enough time watching it.

But just to describe, it looks like something that was made by film students in 1976. Perhaps that was the 'look' they were going for? - if so, then they at least got that right (not that it's hard to make something LOOK that bad), but in this day and age when any Joe Blow can make a high-quality looking film, these guys opted for terrible film quality and terrible sound. There's no plot, there was obviously no script, and the worst thing is that you can't even laugh at it because they weren't witty enough to make a comedy, and weren't smart enough to make a drama or a horror film, so what you're left with is just a big, fat NOTHING. I would be curious to know what kind of film influenced this Dominic Brunt guy because to me, it looks like he saw a David Cronenberg movie while at film school and thought 'Hey, I can do that', when in reality - no you can't, and in fact you can't even come close, not even 1%, so then why even bother? What's the point? All it is is a waste of money and peoples time and the viewers time who take a chance on your crumby film. Honestly Mr. Brunt, don't waste any more peoples time or money - just get a job flipping burgers or whatever it is that failed movie-maker dudes all end up eventually doing.


The idea was ok and it didn't get off to a bad start but wow did it tank ! Poor script and no direction and just when you think it can't get any worse there's playdoh ! .I can appreciate that this is a low budget film but don't waste your time there is much better out there .

Wait, What?

If I travel 40 years back and take this movie with me, there must be something fresh. Poor direction, acting, scripting, VFx etc. Makes it really boring to watch. A very non realistic gore scenes confuse you as if it was intend to be a comedy or real slasher. Avoidable movie.
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