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Directors: Robert Hartford-Davis [Director] ,

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A lord returns to his manor with his new wife, to hear rumors that he had already secretly returned and had committed several murders. Has he lost his mind, or is something dark afoot?


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Decent British terror movie with creepy events , intrigue , twists and turns

This eerie and suspenseful film is developed in an ancient and isolated mansion . A nobleman lord named Richard Fordyke (John Turner) goes back to his manor with his new spouse (Heather Sears) after some time in London , to hear rumors that he had already secretly gone back . He soon hears disquieting reports about the neighbours seeing him running around, chased by a female figure that bears remarkable resemblance to his late first wife . Meanwhile, at his mansion and surroundings have been committed several murders. He will have to confront the mysterious evil force and legacy of horror of his family . Richard Fordyke is caught up by an ominous ghost and becomes inextricably involved in weird killings. Things go awry until a astonishing and surprising finale. Terror Creeps From the Fringe of the Fear to the Pit of Panic. A Creature From the Grave Bears Witness to Murder. What was the deadly power that desired and devoured the women of Fordyke?

This s a good terror film in Hammer Film style with malevolent spectres, family curses and an amazing final surprise . The plot is plain and simple an aristocrrat returns to the family manor with his new sweetheart when bloody events start happening , as he could very well be responsible for some rapes & murders that have occurred . The movie is plenty of grisly killings , tension , terror , genuine screaming , horrible chills and a little bit of blood . The picture packs a creepy atmosphere and strange color by the fine cinematographer Peter Newbrook who subsequently directed the Cult terror : The Asphyx . In addition , a frightening and intriguing musical score by Robert Richards . It is an acceptable British terror film with suspense , plot twists and weird appearances, but little slow-moving , at times . The casting is frankly well , there appears various awesome British actors , such as : John Turner as the suspicious Lord Richard who must ponder the idea that there could be some sort of conspiracy to drive him craziness . Along with his good-natured and beautiful wife well played by Heather Sears . Being well accompanied buy a fine support cast , such as : Peter Arne , Ann Lynn , Francis De Wolff , Norman Bird , Edina Ronay, Raymond Huntley and Patrick Throughton.

The movie was professionally directed by Robert Hatford Davies who often used pseudonym as Michael Burrows , author of some other Horror films and other genres as ¨Corruption¨ (with Peter Cushing) , ¨The Fiend¨ (with Patrick McNee) ,¨The Sandwich Man¨, ¨Ritual¨, ¨The Smashing Bird I Used to Know¨ , ¨Nobody Ordered Love¨, ¨Gonks Go Beat¨, ¨Saturday Night Out¨, ¨Crosstrap¨ and Blaxploitation movies as ¨Black Gunn¨ (with Jim Brown) and ¨ The Take¨ (Billy Dee Williams) . The motion picture will appeal to British horror enthusiasts .

If he's riding in the forest,how can he be in my room?

Sometimes dismissed as a poor man's "Rebecca" ,"the black torment " is generally underrated ;actually,only the beginning recalls Daphné Du Maurier's book : the master's second wife who enters a desirable mansion, where the soul of the first one, who died in mysterious circumstances ,is still lingering.

But the central character is not the new wife but the husband :he sees things,vision of a lady in white who could be the ghost of his departed lady , he may be a murderer for young girls were found dead in the vicinity of the castle ; most amazing thing,he seems to be ubiquitous ; it's him,not his wife,who is losing his mind.

The cinematography is splendid ,the screenplay very melodramatic but the directing avoids gore, monsters and the horror paraphernalia ;one can regret that the sign language should not be really exploited .
Though owing a bit to the Gothic tradition of Hammer Horror, thisBritish ghost story is actually more attuned to the cycle made in thisvein and running parallel to it emanating from Italy. Apart from thecolor scheme (courtesy of cinematographer Peter Newbrook, laterdirector of the literate horror film THE ASPHYX {1972}) and languidpace, obvious links include the haunted protagonist (with many askeleton in his family closet), the innocent heroine, the killingspree, the apparitions (which are usually revealed to be far closer tohome and reality than one could have foreseen), etc.

Leading lady Heather Sears had just appeared in Hammer's underratedversion of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1962). Her male counterpart, JohnTurner (and resembling John Payne quite a bit actually), was new to mebut he certainly left an impression – making for one of the mostirascible heroes in any film, constantly blowing his top at everyoneand everything, sometimes without provocation!; indeed, the wholeunfolds at a somewhat hysterical pitch which seems to be anidiosyncrasy of the director. As it happens, this is one of a handfulof interesting genre efforts from him: the others are CORRUPTION(1968), THE FIEND aka BEWARE, MY BRETHREN (1972) – both of which I amfamiliar with – and the as-yet-unwatched BLOODSUCKERS aka INCENSE FORTHE DAMNED (1972); for the record, I also own and still need to checkout his star-studded comedy THE SANDWICH MAN (1966). Anyway, also onhand here are Peter Arne (seemingly devoted to the estate's invalidmaster and his son but unsurprisingly proving to be villainous),Patrick Troughton (as Turner's stable-master), Raymond Huntley (as aseasoned Colonel also serving as Magistrate in the community) andFrancis de Wolff (as a stout blacksmith who acts gruffly andconfrontationally towards Turner upon the latter's return from abroadwith a second wife over a series of apparent hauntings/murders).

The hero's father is cared for by the sister (Ann Lynn) of Turner'sfirst bride – who, it seems committed suicide by leaping from a windowbecause she could not produce a male heir (again, this alone shouldimmediately alert one to her role in the elaborate revenge scheme!).Another party who comes into play towards the end is a man who is thespitting image of the hero, a twin whom the old man keptinstitutionalized (he is repeatedly described as an "imbecile") and asecret to everybody, but who was 'reclaimed' for their own devious endsonce Arne and Lynn take control of the household following theirmaster's debilitating condition; with this in mind, the family tree(called "Bible"!?) and motto (which pretty much conditioned the extremeactions of Turner's late spouse) have much to do with the proceedings.As I said, we get a number of motiveless murders of wayward wenches, aswell as one that is clearly premeditated (the old man is found hangingfrom a chandelier after his empty wheelchair has come crashing down thestairs!) – not to mention eerie sightings outside the window, with the'phantom' even giving chase to the cry of "Murderer" and, for the grandfinale, a gun-shot wound to the face plus a rather well-choreographedswordfight!
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