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Directors: Gianluigi Calderone [Director] ,

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Two teenage friends conspire to find out how much their youthful sensuality can disrupt one of their households, headed by a dentist and his mentally-ill wife. —


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Passion that last to life.

Frayed, once said, in my thirty years of research, I did not search out, what a woman really wants. This film is a eye opener, how man and woman exploits the situation of eventuallity, and how they try to judge their own principal point. The pathetic site of our life is, in this ever recycling process, we get attached and detached from each other.

Those Kinky Italians

An Italian kink fest that has a dentist involved with his daughter's friend. The dentist is married to a professional pianist who appears to have suffered a mental breakdown leaving a mostly empty shell. Their daughter is reckless and walks all over the mother and is always trying to seduce her father. The daughter's friend has a screwed up life as well and tries to find solace by banging older men.

Mental illness, incest, and all kinds of other things keeps this one from being boring. If you miss the seventies fashion its all here. Not a bad film overall and was definitely an inspiration for American Beauty. You will have to read subtitles as it's Italian.

Almost restored but not quite ...

There does not seem to be an undamaged and complete print of this film. At several points scenes break off (although nudity or violence is not being shown) and the film jumps to a quite unconnected scene. It would seem that the original censored versions have survived more or less unscathed, but that the franker original director's cut has not. Those hoping for pubic hair and full frontal Ornella Muti will not be totally disappointed, but if you were hoping for a properly restored version of the director's original intention, I fear that we will never see it. A scene where the father is out hunting, for example, has obviously been so radically cut that it makes little sense. In a few other places scenes are cut off before they have properly ended. This is unlikely to have been the work of the director... Still worth watching, however.
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