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Directors: Maurizio Lucidi [Director] ,

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A Mafia boss is enraged when he is suspected of smuggling a heroin shipment into San Francisco. He dispatches his nephew, a hotshot Anglo-Sicilian lawyer, to identify the real culprit. The lawyer also enlists the aid of his best friend, a grand prix driver with an adventurous streak. —Jonathon Dabell


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No wonder the Sicilian is cross...

I suspect this is another one of those films that Roger Moore will claim paid for an house, or a swimming pool or something - for believe me, it has nothing at all to recommend it to anyone. Here he has to team up with Stacy Keach to find out who has been smuggling heroin into San Francisco - very much to the chagrin of local mafioso "Salvatore Francesco" (Ivo Garrani), for such activities are seriously frowned upon by the church. The film has it's fair share of car chases and shoot 'em ups, but the story is wafer-thin, with an almost interminable build up to an ending that we could have created ourselves on a beer mat. Keach is on nowhere near decent form, and Moore is clearly just walking from his winnebago to the set, doing his job, then heading back to put the cucumber slices back on his eyes. It reminded me of a bog-standard episode of "Starsky and Hutch"...

So-so but entertaining and fun thriller with noisy action , crossfire and spectacular car chases

¨The Sicilian Cross¨ or ¨Gli Esecutori¨ 1976 is a passable thriller with international cast including two big name cast : Roger Moore and Stacy Keach . A Mafia Salvatore Francesco (Ivo Garrani) who does dark businesses is enraged when a holy cross that contained a shipment of drug is robbed and he is suspected of smuggling heroin from Sicily to port of San Francisco. He dispatches his nephew , a elegant advocate at law named Ulisse (Roger Moore) to identify the real culprit. The lawyer also enlists the aid of his best friend called Charlie Hanson (Stacy Keach) , a grand prix driver to discover the crook thieves . As Ulysse and Charlie Hanson join forces and go after three alleged , suspect delinquents (Fausto Tozzi, Peter Martell , Romano Puppo) , but then things go wrong . And the Hunting Season Has Opened in the Naked City! The Hunting Season Has Opened In The Naked City.

Average but passable thriller with brief touches of sympathetic humour in charge of the two likeable protagonists . Roger Moore and Stacy Keach form a stunning couple with adventurous streak , creating a funny Buddy Movie, as Roger Moore is a hotshot Anglo-Sicilian lawyer, while Stacy Keach is a resourceful car driver . There's also a motley group of Italian actors usual in the typical genres of the Sixties and Seventies as Spaghetti western , Peplum , Polizziesco , Giallo , such as : Ettore Manni , Fausto Tozzi ,Peter Martel (as Pietro Martellanza) , Romano Puppo , Rosemarie Lindt, Remo De Angelis , among others. In spite of known actors in the cast , it didn't have international success , failing at the boxoffice , even in some countries it was shown as part of a double bill with other movies.

It contains atmospheric and thrilling musical score by Luis Bacalov who subsequently won Academy Award for The Postman and Pablo Neruda . Evocative and appropriate cinematography by Aiace Parolin shot in several locations , as Paestum, Capaccio, Salerno, Seude , Capaccio , Vecchio, De Paolis Studios, Rome, and especially San Francisco , California : Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach , Sausalito, Broadway, Pier 45, San Francisco. The motion picture was professionally directed by Maurizio Lucidi , though it has some flaws , and gaps , but being an acceptable thriller flick . Lucidi was born in 1932 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy and died in 2005 , Rome . He was a director and editor, known for this ¨The Man from the Organization or The sicilian cross or Los ejecutores¨ (1976) and he made more thrillers as ¨The last chance¨ with Elli Wallach, Fabio Testi and Ursula Andress . And he directed three Westerns as ¨Halleluja for Django¨(1967) with Hunt Powers , ¨Saddle tramps¨ with Bud Spencer and ¨Pecos¨ with Robert Woods . And furthermore , wartime movie as Probabilità zero (1969) and La víttima designata (1971) , among others . Rating : 5.5/10. Acceptable and passable .

Appreciate the time frame

This is a rare melodramatic Roger Moore remembering what uncle did when he was a boy in Sicily. And Uncle Garrani is now living in San Francisco and uses Moore to find tax loopholes for him. A Sicilian cross comes off the ship filled with dope, and Father Ettore Manni curses his brother for doing it. The plot revolves around the dope. There is a Sausolito car chase that is great. Maurizio Lucidi directed this Italian film and dubbed it. The 70's streets of San Francisco make it worth the viewing. Also the two main characters, Moore and Keach, are always good.
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