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In 1968, in the Ravenside Military Hospital in a military facility in Pennsylvania, the army loses control of an experiment of a lethal bacteriologic weapon that changes the DNA and transforms human beings into zombies. A group of soldiers is sent to the hospital to eliminate the infected staff and interns but private DeLuca steals a test tube with the virus and hides it inside a vacuum flask. He is transformed into a zombie and killed but the vacuum flask falls in the grass. In the present days, a group of patients in the mental institution Ravenside Memorial Hospital finds the vacuum flask and later when one of them opens the vessel, the culture tube drops on the floor of a bathroom contaminating the group and their Dr. Donwynn. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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This is such a bad movie 2.2 is overrating it. It is so not scary. This is a prequel to the Night of living dead (1968). Night of the living dead (1968) is a great movie. And this is pointless. The second living dead movie dawn of the dead is also very good. And the third living dead Day of the dead is a great movie. The fourth living dead movie land of the dead is a great movie. This movie has an awful story line. It also has an awful ending. Do not see this movie. The acting is pooh pooh. Night of the living dead (1990) is a lot better. Dawn of the dead (2004) is better and that is awful. This movie is not scary at all. It is just a money grab.

The dead already had their day, and it was back in 1985...

First of all, I must say that I am more than baffled at how this movie could get to bear a title like "Day of the Dead 2: Contagium", as it is nothing in the likes of the George A. Romero classic "Day of the Dead". They have nothing in common, aside from having zombies in them. And in fact, then this 2005 movie is a slap in the face to the original 1985 movie.

That being said, then of course I had to watch it, because I am a zombie aficionado. I didn't even know that it existed before coming across it by sheer random luck on a visit to China back in 2005 or 2006. I have watched it twice since then; once when I purchased it, and once in 2016, as I just had to check if it was as bad as I initially remembered it to be... And it is!

The story in "Day of the Dead 2: Contagium" takes place at Ravenside military hospital, where a lethal bacteriologic weapon gets out of control and turns people into zombies. Half a Century later, people at the facility finds a closed vacuum flask which holds a mysterious container inside. Once opened, the residents become exposed to a DNA altering substance.

Right, well the story was mildly adequate, albeit it wasn't anything impressive in any sense. It had the right intentions, but just lacked conviction and execution. And directors Ana Clavell and James Glenn Dudelson were just fighting an uphill battle here.

The effects in the movie just scream low budget to the core. And most of the times the effects just came off as being fake and laughable. And unfortunately so was the zombie make-up. It just didn't really work out all that well. And a zombie movie suffers a terrible blow when the effects are not in place.

Another thing that made the movie come off more ridiculous than it had to was the flying specks of light when the container was opened. What was up with that? It just brought the movie down to a very laughable level. As did the thing with the collective mind and shared physical trait. Why would a group of people see and feel the same things just because they were exposed to a chemical? That would mean that all zombies would essentially see all the same things. No, it was just so illogical.

The acting in the movie was as to be expected, adequate enough for what it was at this level of movie-making.

"Day of the Dead 2: Contagium" is by no means a noteworthy addition to the zombie genre. And if you do enjoy zombie movies, then you should stay well clear of this movie, as it do no justice at all to the 1985 Romero "Day of the Dead" movie, nor does it bring anything memorable to the genre. And I just can't fathom how this movie got to bear the "Day of the Dead" title.

Intensely Explosive and Emotionally Draining

This is a motion picture that demands to be seen. Intense, horrifying film that is a significant addition to the zombie genre. Inspired direction coupled with an imaginative script make for an often uneven but always terrifying motion picture experience. The make-up is some of the most creative ever done in cinema and is a vital element in some of the brilliant scenes both shock and entrance the audience. The performances are incredibly powerful and uniformly excellent as a cast of talented actors give everything they have to the overall success of what is essentially an ensemble effort. A relatively substantial budget is certainly reflected in the production values and special effects which will leave most viewers speechless. While this film is sometimes not accepted as an authentic entry in the Day of the Dead series, it is an admired stand alone film that offers a powerful story that is both unique and very well told.
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