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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Nadia Tass [Director] ,

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Danny wants two things in life more than anything else, one is a Jaguar and the other is Joanna Johnson. After Danny's parents give him their beloved Nissan Cedric, Danny works up the courage to ask Joanna out on a date.... One problem! He tells her that he owns a Jaguar, and to prove otherwise, he trades in the Cedric for an early model Jag. At the car yard he is conned into believing he is getting the deal of the century by the salesman, Gordon "Farkas". —Glenn Stewart


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Cheesy 80s tropes indie trying to be mainstream

Not a horrible film but nowhere near a classic cinema 10 some reviews would have you believe it is.

Not horrible though, just disposable light weight aussie comedy.

Cliched fun

Mostly moronic nonsense where quirkiness is paraded as wit. Yet, despite its predictability, it has entertainment value, nice locations, and a fantastic villain.

Typical Australian mid 1980s

But that doesnt mean it's good, far from it in fact.Steve Bisley steals the show, but the rest of the acting is abysmal, beyond in fact.You have been warned.
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