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Once Upon a Time in Staten Island is set in the summer of 1982 and has as its backdrop the release of Rocky III. The story tells of an average teen who embarks on a quest in his Rocky Balboa-obsessed town that swirls in his family members. Watts and Grillo will play his parents.


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Honest review of This Is The Night...

Staten Island, NY, 1982: an Italian American family's evolution during the course of one fateful evening set against the release of Rocky III.

Such a wonderful little film that punches way above its weight (pun intended).

If you've got a closed mind or lean a little too right of centre, give it a miss but if you enjoyed Dazed and Confused but want a little more heart, this is the spicy meatball for you.

Love, love, love! 10/10!!!


You tried to turn rocky into some woke coming out the closet movie and then it happened because of ROCKY! Are you kidding me! ROCKY! And a few Italian broke actors thought this was a good idea..No! I mean look their good actors but wt? Rocky is about being the underdog not this!!!


Not an adventure movie

This movie went nowhere except right to more woke propaganda. The movie is really about a confused son who is trying to figure out if he is a cross dresser or not. That is really the movies core element including the ending. The is a movie about a boy who is confused his mother promotes his behavior and his father is caught off guard in the end looking the evil father. Don't watch it even if it didn't hide itself as an adventure movie it it s still a bad movie about cross dressers. Go watch rocky horror picture show or that Wesley snipes movie if you wanna get your cross dressing fix. If you are looking for a good 80's movie about adventure try Summer of 84 a movie you won't feel wasted your life.
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