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Comedy | Drama
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115 min
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Toshio Lee [Director] ,

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Confronted by the eccentric and odd behaviour of his wife and the stunts she regularly pulled like ingesting ketchup, spewing it back out and lying on the floor when her husband arrives home from work a man posted questions to members on Yahoo Answers, which in turn became the basis for the story of the married couple. —aghaemi


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Mood uplifter

At first I thought the plot was really weird but in a really funny way. Yet, this movie deals with really heavy emotions such as grief, feeling abandoned and loneliness. It reminds me of a song titled "It takes a fool to remain sane".

Cheesy at times, but yet profound

Every day he comes home from work, his wife plays dead in all kinds of elaborate, creative ways, which makes him doubt and question the health of their relationship. That part of the movie is very cheesy and exaggerated, like no real person would ever act this way, except someone who's manic and not completely sane.But this only serves as a metaphor for all the little things that you learn about your partner after having been together for some time. The endearing things they do, but also the things that annoy you about them. The different ways in which both look at something, which can lead to misunderstandings. All that is part of being married. It's a struggle and a challenge sometimes, but a beautiful one.

The movie is a quite thoughtful and deep, but also wholesome and uplifting reflection on marriage. In the age of feminism sewing ugliness and disunity between men and women, this is feels like a candle in the darkness.


This is a really stimulating film. At a superficial glance it appears to be a bit slow and uncertain but it has so many facets to it that it holds the attention and then reveals more as it progresses.

The title is an initial hook and when the metaphor plays out it's like a strange Japanese game show taken to literally. But it is a metaphor about the difficulties of navigating married life. The central idea is demonstrated in a series of crises.

At this stage it is interesting how the men react: they are mystified and concerned. It's more likely that in a Western movie - and one that is a sort of romantic comedy like this - they'd be angry and go out and get drunk. The Japanese males are shown confused, sensitive and troubled by the turn of events, discussing what it means and why.

Further on the characters work out their ideas of married life and love from female and male perspectives; of expectations and changes in the relationship over time.

This is considered, as if from a novel, and it is true that the pace of the film could be a bit quicker, though it does resolve its ideas in other scenes as the story expands.

The idea of death as am articulation of love is explained in Japanese terms which puts the film together. This is stated as a fact, where it is a long held social myth, which has been accepted as fact. Nevertheless, it makes the film a genuinely interesting experience from a cultural angle.

One other intriguing aspect is the soundtrack which is reminiscent of an early '70s rock, with touches of a Beatles' Abbey Road sound a times; an unusual choice given the themes and story, but also made it stand out.
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