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Beth Baker is an out-of-work actress stuck in New York City without her friends at Christmastime. She decides to return home to the quaint small town she escaped 10 years before and finds a place far different than the hamlet she left. She suddenly finds performing possibilities and even romance. —satin


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Small town Christmas love

Whether it is easy to not take 'Tis the Season for Love' and similar films seriously is dependent on whether the good things outweigh the bad and vice versa. Dependent on how many flaws there are and how big they are. And dependent on how well the film executed its good things. In some cases it is easy to not take it too seriously. In other cases it is very distracting when there are so many annoyances and done to an incompetent level.

'Tis the Season for Love' is not one of those films. It does have things wrong with it, then again when has a Hallmark festive film been perfect, and the flaws are a few of the usual ones. 'Tis the Season for Love' does achieve its aims though at being undemanding light-hearted entertainment that has charm and heart and has a lot of good things, ones that are essential to get right if a film is to be halfway watchable. My festive Hallmark film viewings have been hit and miss, 'Tis the Season for Love' is one of the hits thankfully.

Sarah Lancaster is very understated but also very appealing, personally didn't think she looked bored and appreciated that character flaws are not overdone (have found this too many times with Hallmark). Brendan Penny is a very likeable, relaxed and charming leading man, did not care at all this time about his character being cliched because there is never the mistake of taking any uptightness and such to extremes. Really liked the chemistry between the two, lead chemistry has always varied with Hallmark (and Lifetime) and this is one of the cases where it has worked. Very genuine and always comfortable.

Also liked the supporting cast, especially sympathetic Gwyneth Walsh. All the cast in fact do well in fleshing out characters that are Hallmark cliches used a lot but actually make them feel real. The direction is always competent and in control of the material while not phoning in. The production values are great, with it being particularly beautifully shot. The scenery is very easy on the eyes. The script doesn't come over as corny or schmaltzy, and flows naturally. Although the story is far from perfect, it is light-hearted, succeeds in not taking itself too seriously and is charming.

It is very predictable though, not that that wasn't unexpected, with little new done with a more of the same formula. It ends too neatly and conveniently too, which is also not uncommon for Hallmark.

Personally too thought that the music score was ill-fitting, with the twinkling sound and quality being too tacky and made it sound like it was lifted out of a late-80s/early-90s family fantasy.

Overall, well above average and quite good even. 7/10.


I liked this movie very very much!I liked the plot, the setting and the kids.... where charming and pretty natural.The film had a good story to tell regarding dreams in general, in my opinion. It's very important to chase our dreams as much as understanding ourselves, our depest whishes and the fact that those dreams can change as we grow older and wiser through experience.I found the cast was very good also. Everybody in this film was great and represented their roles with emotions.Sarah Lancaster was very good but Brednan Penny was amazing as always! I like the way he approaches the parts he gets with innerness and charm.It's one of the movies i wish had a sequel....

Christmas Wishes!

I honestly don't think that Sarah Lancaster's character was worthy of any of the men in this film, especially the gorgeous Brendan Penny. What a charmer and beautiful eyes! I can only hope that she doesn't follow her pattern of using people after the film ends.

With all that said, I have to say that I do like this film. It's cast well and it's a nice story.

I also think that Gwynyth Walsh is a great Mother figure, far nicer than her Klingon persona in Star Trek.Father Christmas is played very well too.
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