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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Jayro Bustamante [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The coming out of an evangelical father shatters his family, his community and uncovers a profoundly repressive society.


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Married gay guy living in a Nazi hell hole....

Story takes place in modern day Central America and seriously, it might seem more appropriate if it had taken place in Nazi Germany. An ultra conservative, wealthy, holy roller family and sadistic church leaders practicing homo conversion therapy puts enormous pressure on a middle-aged, married gay guy with children to conform to their expectations. The plot would be more convincing if the married gay guy were much younger, in which case we would expect him to be more vulnerable to family, religious and societal pressures. But here we see an older, gay guy, who has recently come out, but doesn't yet seem to have a strong enough mind to overcome the steaming piles of BS that are being heaped upon him at every turn. On the other hand, his gay boyfriend has totally accepted what he is and what he likes. He makes no apologies for what he likes to do with other consenting adults. The actor playing Pablo has a lean, tall, masculine, athletic build...unfortunately we don't get to see much of it. Pretty much a bummer of a movie....not much visually that's interesting or pretty. The story line, as told, doesn't seem very likely. There's a paradox here of sorts....the primary character, Pablo, looks strong and mature, but he's just a baby inside. He can't think for himself and relies upon others to think for him. Six stars for a respectable attempt.

Captivating, but not exactly moving

Jayro Bustamante's 'Temblores' bit into the burning themes of Guatemalan society, such as faith, homophobia, and the effort to maintain a good, clean reputation even at the cost of personal freedom and happiness. The movie captivates with interesting approaches and strong acting performances. Unfortunately, it squanders the immense potential for something vital and thrilling by never going deep enough on either topic and only loosely touches on the conflicting emotional life of its protagonist.

Soap opera

Watch if you like Latin American soap operas otherwise avoid it.
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