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Directors: Eric Karson [Director] ,

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A group of elite soldiers, including one woman, sign up for the ultimate training mission. The group parachutes onto a remote island, where their objective is to reach the safety zone before the "opposing force" captures them. Everything does not go as expected, and the training mission turns into the real thing. —Markus Laine


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A mixed bag of torture and madness .......

"Opposing Force", or "Hell Camp" can be divided in half. The first half is honestly quite boring as volunteers for a secret military experiment on P.O.W. torture are degraded and tortured like you have seen in dozens of war films. Only here it lasts for just short of an hour. Anthony Zerbe is the Commander running the "Hell Camp", along with Richard Roundtree. Until Zerbe completely loses it and rapes Lisa Eichhorn, nothing much happens except the usual P.O.W. stuff. The rape sets off a rebellion and escape that turns the movie into a chase in the jungle similar to any "Most Dangerous Game" clone. While the second half is definitely better than the first, everything about "Opposing Force" is so familiar, that it all becomes a "so what". - MERK

Everything Is Possible

The veteran Major Logan (Tom Skerritt), Lieutenant Casey (Lisa Eichhorn) and a group of selected Air Force pilots go to an isolated island for training for prisoner of war. The team jumps out of the plane using parachute and they are captured in the island and sent to a camp under the direction of Commander Becker (Anthony Zerbe) and Sergeant Stafford (Richard Roundtree). Each pilot is submitted to torture and humiliation in very realistic situation, but pilot Botts (Robert Wightman) is selected as a kind of example of humiliation to the other prisoners. Becker unsuccessfully tries to convince the tough Lieutenant Casey to give up the training since he is not prepared to have a woman but she does not accept the request. When Logan learns that Becker raped Casey during the night, he realizes that Becker is insane and the training has become reality. Now Logan, Casey and Botts have to fight to survive.

"Opposing Force", a.k.a. "Hellcamp", is a full of action film about a group of elite soldiers that discover that their training is for real since the commander is insane. In 1986, this storyline seemed to be impossible, but in the present days the news informs many cases of accidents in realistic military training. Who knows? My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "For?a Oposta" ("Opposing Force")

"You've got a limp and I've got tits. These aren't great things to have in the military."

A group of soldiers, including one woman, go on a training exercise on an island where they are hunted down and captured by sadistic Anthony Zerbe and his troops. Things get out of control and Zerbe subjects his prisoners to abuse and torture. What starts out as a decent idea for a military action-thriller turns into an exploitation flick that isn't much fun. Tom Skerritt is the only one of the good guys with any kind of personality, though he does little with it. Lisa Eichhorn is dull as dishwater. Richard Roundtree is wasted. Anthony Zerbe's performance is the whole show. If this had been made by Cannon, perhaps it would have been a little more fun. Still, it's watchable throughout. I was never bored. Ending sucks, though.
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