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Action | Comedy
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94 min
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5.8 / 10 
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Directors: Jamie Luk [Director] ,

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A mad scientist transfers his mind to a wicked robot, which then embarks on a program of kidnaping, rape and murder, during which a female detective is killed. To fight the robot, the police woman's corpse is then made into a robotrix... —Anonymous


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No, this is just a really-really bad film

I can't believe how so many reviews on this site has given this film such a high rating, they're forgiving and calling it both trashy and fun. It's really neither, it's just really-really bad. I'll admit that I didn't really read anything about this film before I started to watch it, just that it was a Hong Kong film and it was categorized as an Action-Comedy, having the classic Golden Harvest logo showing up at the beginning put me to ease, but then as the film started and moved on, things just got worse and worse.

As soon as the film started I cringed a bit by both the acting as well as the set and thought to myself "Wow, this looks like a porno..." and I didn't have to wait for too long when suddenly it cut to a sex scene, very awkward and made me just uncomfortable. I don't really watch any sex scenes normally, but something about those scenes in this film just looked like the actors performed "air-sex" humping in the air while the other actor did his/her best to act to it.

I'm not sure I should try and explain the plot since it's just really bad. Mad scientist transfer his body to a robot that looks like a muscular human and kidnaps the son to a millionaire and kills our main protagonist, who luckily gets her mind transferred to a robot too that the creators somehow made looking exactly like her former self. After that it's just lots of really boring jokes, dumb acting and bad fight scenes, you can tell from the editing that there actors weren't skilled martial art fighters.

You can tell that the filmmakers has taken some inspiration from Robocop and Terminator, but then completely skipped what made those film great. I know this is a silly softcore comedy, but even Stephen Chow did a better job in his Sixty Million Dollar Man, which I would still call one of his weaker films. For characters being robots, they sure showed lots of emotions and expressions when they got hit during fights, not to mention the whole sex-part, how does that even work when you're a robot? Does it even work that way? I have no idea and it only makes it more mad that I think too much about this film.

I've still given this film 3 out of 10 which might seem kind of me, it's a really bad film, but it's also just over 90 minutes long and had some lazy fight scenes. There are better "Bad films" out there to find, this is not one of them.

Billy Chow's Sausage

An evil scientist transfers his consciousness into a robot and kidnaps a prince for some reason and goes on a killing and [email protected] spree just for the f··· of it. I don't like erotic crap but Robotrix is an absolute classic. It has some great robot action sequences, bloody violence and the cyberpunk elements are actually really good. Now, I don't like sex in movies because they hinder pacing but luckily there are only a few and they're not prolonging. Besides, two of the sex scenes were [email protected] scenes and, rather being disturbing, they were actually kinda funny. One when the robot screws a woman to death and throws her out the window and the other when at the end of the [email protected] we get to see Billy Chow's maniacal laughter as his little noodle is sticking out. Why I was compelled to mention this, I don't know. You'll also be greeted with plentiful nudity and it's good watchable clean happy nudity with some nice taters, frontal female (and male, ugh) nudity and firm female ass. And a hairy ass as well. Yay. One downfall is the (intentional) comedy and everyone with an IQ above 60 knows Hong Kong humor is irritating and often times unnecessary but whatever. Robotrix is paced well and it's campy entertainment value is enormous.

Action, Nudity, Sex and Martial Arts

"Linda" (Chikako Aoyama) is a female police officer who has been assigned to guard the son of an extremely wealthy oil sheik. Lamentably, her mission becomes a complete failure as he is consequently kidnapped and Linda (aka "Selena") is critically wounded trying to protect him. Meanwhile, at a lavish convention sponsored by the oil sheik with the goal of awarding a large contract to the best robot manufacturer, an evil Japanese robotics genius by the name of "Ryuichi Sakamoto" (Chung Lin) televises a video declaring that he has kidnapped the sheik's son and demands the sheik's complete cooperation. He then demonstrates his genius by killing himself while simultaneously transferring his mind into the computerized brain of a nearby robot. Not only does this give him incredible power and intelligence but the robot also has a remarkable human appearance as well. Not to be outdone, another scientist at the convention named "Dr. Sara" (Siu-dan Hui) also has a powerful robot with human appearances by the name of "Anna" (Amy Yip) and vows to help the sheik defeat Ryuichi Sakamoto. Although she realizes that Sakamoto's robot has the edge due to his superior human intelligence, she also devises a plan to essentially compensate for it. To do this she will need a human brain of her own and Linda is the perfect candidate. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that I was surprised at the amount of action, nudity, sex and martial arts this film contained. Unfortunately, the script and the special effects were considerably bad and this really affected the overall entertainment value. Even so, there was some good humor here and there along with several sexy actresses featured including the aforementioned Chikako Aoyama, Siu-dan Hui and Amy Yip which certainly didn't hurt this film in any way. In any case, regardless of the cheap effects, I rate this movie as about average.
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