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Directors: Sean Riley [Director] ,

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A high school social outcast is taken under the wing of a mysterious mentor, only to be groomed as the hive's next queen.


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Beyond watching be warned

Movie is terrible, doesn't deserve more than that, absolutely terrible.

Rubbish on every level

Do NOT be deceived by paid reviews. Stay away ! Bad acting, bad story, bad special effects. I was expecting an okay B-grade movie, but oh my god was I wrong.


I thought it was going to be some kind of fly type body horror sci fi film, but it wasnt.

Very weird choices, it starts out as a nerdy girl bullied at school kind of thing with a few diffrent characters like parents and bullys etc,

then all of a sudden they all dissapear and you never see them again and the rest of the film is in 1 location

you see some effects and 'transformation' (kind of) in the last 2 mins of the film, quite dissapointing.

Would of been alot better if she turned alot earlier then went back to get revenge on the bullys or something.
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