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Comedy | Drama
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8.6 / 10 
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Directors: Aaron Lee Lopez [Director] ,

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Chase and Pam join the high school cheerleading squad in order to be cool and find out the team is infested with Vampires.


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Teenage Vampire/fun film for the kids during Halloween.

Designed for the pre-teen audience, this film has great performances from Actors Claire Tablizo (Chase) , Jaeden Riley Juarez (Pam) and Gabby Garcia (Sin) amongst the few. The Funniest of the bunch is Tres Allison (Dean) the nerdy comic book brother who knows everything about Vampires.

The film reminds me of a 1980's style movie with normal teen problems. All trying to fit into the world of high school society. I really enjoyed the listening to the soundtrack through out the movie. Very, Neo - Retro 80's feel almost like the show Stranger Things. The kids in this film really look like teens rather than 25 year olds playing teens so that's a plus.

One things special to look for in this film is that the film delivers a fun message with no profanity or nudity, That's a rare form these days, It also does not spend anytime with cell phones and social media stuff. The story happens in real time with real characters talking to each other. I give this movie a 10.

Family movie

Great movie, I just added to my scary movie collection. I went to watch it with my fiance and her twin sister. We loved it, I can't wait to watch the sequel. I definitely recommend you guys to watch this film. We're having a Holloween party next month and we're planning on watching scary movies and this one is definitely on our list.

Pure family fun

Teenage Vampire is one of those movies you grew up watching, it's exciting, thrilling, action, and most of all fun. This movie has characters are relatable reminding you of those movies you grew up watching.

This is a movie movie to watch with a date, all friends around together, and family movie night.
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