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Elle Overton, a college student, becomes obsessed with Katie Kampenfelt, the mysterious heroine of a novel she's just finished reading. When Elle, battling depression, becomes convinced that Katie is actually a flesh-and-blood human being, it sets her on a reckless and terrifying course. An exploration of the potentially dangerous allure of the Internet, the film picks up where its predecessor, the cult hit Ask Me Anything, left off.


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Try it!

You can tell from the first scene that this film was made from the heart. It's not your standard Hollywood fare, and that makes it special. Story! Characters! Writing!

Loved this movie!

I love Allison Burnett's writing and couldn't wait for this sequel to Undiscovered Girl (movie title Ask Me Anything with Britt Robertson, Christian Slater & Martin Sheen). It did not disappoint! Sammi Hanratty was thoroughly engaging as a young girl making bad choices in this dark, creepy thriller. The soundtrack was amazing, check it out!

Wasn't a bad film

I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie but it wasn't bad. Had some good moments. The narration was a bit odd though and sometimes I couldn't tell who was actually talking as they both sounded very similar. My fav part was Dave, love Peter as an actor since QOTS. Without him would I have enjoyed it as much? Maybe not but was pretty good.
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