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Drama | Mystery
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23.976 fps
English 5.1  
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120 min
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5.3 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Mohan [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Pippa and Thomas move into their dream apartment, they notice that their windows look directly into the apartment opposite - inviting them to witness the volatile relationship of the attractive couple across the street. But when they attempt to anonymously intercede in their lives, they unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that will lead to disaster.


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A Peepshow Parody

There's nothing wrong with the ambition to update a classic thriller like Hitchcock's 'Rear Window', unless you make an embarrassing mess of it. "The Voyeurs' makes its intentions clear from the get-go, as a perky young couple, Pippa and Thomas, move into a new apartment and begin spying upon the amorous antics of neighbors across the street. So far, so good - although the script never bothers to invest the two main characters with any personality, and after some episodes of tired soft-core eroticism, annoying flaws in the acting and directing proclaim an approaching disaster.

Spicy complications are added to the stew, but fail to give it any flavor, and everything starts falling apart as unlikely events are piled onto coincidences and melodramatic plot twists. Long before the end, credibility has been utterly lost as the story becomes a farce with gigantic plot-holes, flailing around in the territory of desperation.

Such annoying voices! Acting is 4/10. Pass!

Her and her friend: SINGSONG! Thomas: Trying hard to be basso. This movie plays like a two hour long commercial. Mad props to Amazon for making them an interracial couple, since that is so cool now (even if it takes away from the plot).

An actual line from this movie, delivered by the main MALE character: "I got a glimpse of his pubes yesterday... They were exquisitely manscaped..."He could tell this from 20 yards and three storeys' distance HOW?! (But even if he COULD, is this a line from any film that should be compared to "Rear Window"?!)Might be a good way to ease your PC GF into softcore porn, because of the très trendy cream-in-the-coffee couple and, after all, the neighbors DID leave their curtains open.... But this is NOT a "film", it's a 'smol' waste of videotape. Not worth your two hours.

Mainstream porn with worse writing

This is an interesting film as it set out to become a well scripted 50 Shades alternative but failed, miserably might I say. The only reason this film will have a high rating will be for the rather good sex scenes that are soft porn with high budget.

It promotes moral decadence, so don't go looking for advice, if possible stray away from the words and keep the steamy scenes in mind at least. There's also an unrealistic ending that shoves you out of the fantasy because it simply isn't practical.

3/10, would give it less if it didn't have Amazon budgeting (good cinematography).
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