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BRITT MacMASTERS, a U.S. Marshal who rarely brings them back alive, returns home from the trail to discover his 12-year-old son, CHAD, has been kidnapped by outlaws - JED BLAKE and his gang. Enlisting the help of Indian guide, CHASKA, along with CLAY TUCKER, a prejudiced deputy who doesn't trust the guide, Britt sets out into dangerous Sioux territory. As Jed lures the Marshal into his deadly ambush, he finds the captive boy a formidable and slippery opponent, with several escape attempts that return vicious beatings for Chad, and an unexpected tree branch thrust into Jed's eye. Furious with revenge, and with the threat of the merciless Sioux warriors around the bend, Jed's bloody injuries leave him a man crumbling on the brink of insanity. As the search party moves deeper into the Red Desert, Tucker's racist views towards Britt's Indian friend is deeply challenged when Chaska saves him from a close call with a Sioux warrior's knife. With both sides succumbing to brutal attacks and scalped heads, Britt races against time to confront the crazed outlaw and save his dying son. Meanwhile, spiraling further into madness, and fearing the Marshal may have fallen prey to the warriors, Jed turns his pistol to his young captive for a game of "Catch the Bullet." Before Chad can answer, an unseen Britt responds: "I'll play with ya." Trembling with crazed delight, Jed is face to face with his enemy. —Jerry Robbins


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The Worst!!!

So unbelievably fake. The acting is poor. The clothing looks new. The script is awful. It's one of the worst movies I've seen in awhile.

Save your money

I wish poor acting was the only thing wrong with this movie! The producers dropped the ball one a scene with a ranch with full power and french doors. Also has mini blinds! Didn't realize this period of time of cowboys and Indians had such perks!!

I wish I could give it zero stars.

I never wrote a bad review of a movie. If I didn't like the movie, I just didn't do anything about it. However this time I felt the need to write that it is the worst movie I have ever seen. Bad in all respects.

Bad acting, bad story, bad characters, bad casting, bad handling of cameras etc, the first scene is the only one decently filmed.
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