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Directors: Fabrice Du Welz [Director] ,

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A few days before Christmas, traveling entertainer Marc Stevens is stuck at nightfall in a remote wood in the swampy Hautes Fagnes region of Liège, his van conked out. An odd chap who's looking for a lost dog leads Marc to a shuttered inn; the owner gives Marc a room for the night. Next day, the innkeeper, Mr. Bartel, promises to fix the van, demands that Marc not visit the nearby village, and goes through Marc's things while the entertainer takes a walk. At dinner that night, Bartel laments his wife's having left him, and by next day, Marc is in a nightmare that may not end. —


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If you are like me and found this film alongside titles such as "Irreversible", "A Serbian Film", and "The Angels' Melanchlia" you will likely be dissapointed. This film is slow burning, yet offers a good story.

This film does have a dark side, and has been produced in an artistically dark manner. Between the stringy orchestras, strangely behaved townfolk, and mysterious protag. it is appealing in a creepy sort of way. But. unfortunately I feel it falls into the category of not "Extreme" but yet not "Hollywood horror" leaving it a smaller window of individuals who truly appreciate the film. Regardless, the plot is unique and though it has been done before this movie adds to the genre. 7/10, well done Bulgium.

Boring and unpleasant in equal measure

CALVAIRE, aka THE ORDEAL, is a French film whose sole emphasis is on the brutal treatment suffered by the protagonist at the hands of various countryside-dwelling oddballs, the French equivalent of rednecks. It's a story of oppression and degradation that just so happens to be one of the most unpleasant films I've seen in a long time; not because it's particularly graphic, because it isn't, but because it just dwells on miserable, unpleasant characters doing even more miserable things.

Be warned, this is a film that sets out to shock, and gets away with it by hiding under an 'arthouse' tag. Bestiality and male rape play a strong part, along with the exploitation of mental illness and the total subjugation of the human spirit. There are touches of mystery and intrigue in the first half, but the plot less second half piles on the misery and becomes gruelling for all the wrong reasons. There is no ending.

The two most interesting things about CALVAIRE are a cameo role for French scream queen Brigitte Lahaie (starlet of many a Jean Rollin film, back in the day) and a surreal sequence in which bar patrons dance to a piece of appalling piano music. Other than that, it's a total dud.

Piece of French trash

What a boring, poorly acted, generic piece of trash this "film" is. Do not waste your time, I really wish IMDb could edit out the false reviews posted on these horrible movies that are clearly posted by those involved in the film. If you have someone locked in your basement that you want to torture with something hideously boring, lame and fruity then this is your film. If you enjoy movies with actual actors, a plot, entertaining qualities then stay away. What a waste of time this movie was, I am actually p$ssed that I wasted 1.5 hours watching it.

Why people even bother to crank out pieces of swill like this is beyond me. Do they actually get anything out of making pieces of [email protected] like this?
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