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Dune World (2021) 1080p - Movie Poster
Action | Fantasy
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23.976 fps
English 2.0  
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80 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Mark Polonia [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A deep space crew takes a job on a mysterious remote planet. A crash landing strands them on the hostile surface. Soon they find out what creatures live there, and the hidden fate of the crew before them.


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Nothing to see here , move along please

What can be added? 1970's fx's., shabby costumes ,its terrible.

(i wont even talk about the acting) ,maybe reshoot it in B+W and send it back to the 50's . SORRY not for me. NARDA ..

So bad it's bad.

I tried to find unintentional humour in this, for want of a better word, film. It would have actually made it watchable (for all the wrong reasons), but alas it wasn't to be.

From the cheap props and a kids mask in which they didn't even bother to fix the pushed-in nose to the wooden doors in a spaceship?!? Not to mention the toy guns and dust masks this atrocity should never have been unleashed on the unsuspecting (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) public.

If you're reading this, it may well be too late and you've probably already watched it. I found that talking about it helps. Find a support group and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Dune World makes Ed Wood look like George Lucas

There are 'bad movies' and then there are 'awful movies'. Even if it hadn't cost much to make this 'movie', the question on everybody's mind, after spending 15 minutes watching it, would probably be "But why even make it at all?" !! With acting 'skills' that fall somewhere in between porno and home movies, jumpsuits passing off as spacesuits, toy guns for weapons and a humanoid with a pot belly, you'd think that things couldn't get any worse. Wrong! Compared to this, Ed Wood's 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' looks like high art.
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