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Action | Adventure
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23.976 fps
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88 min
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6.1 / 10 
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Directors: Adam Robitel [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Six people unwittingly find themselves locked in another series of escape rooms, slowly uncovering what they have in common to survive. Joining forces with two of the original survivors, they soon discover they've all played the game before.


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Horrible cringefest

Soooo boring and really, really badly written. Movie producers seem to think anyone can write a screenplay these days judging by this disastrous piece of crap. Casting isn't much better either, actors are not likable or relatable, so I wasn't able to get invested in any of them and didn't really care if they all died - in fact, at a point I was really hoping they would. Avoid like the plague.

So bad that it's not even funny

The action direction and screenplay is so lame and lazy that it's totally yawning experienceIt felt like no one was interested throughout this movie.


Everybody involved in this production should be ashamed of themselves. Poor acting, poor script, frantic nonsense, bad soundtrack, appalling editing, cheap set design, zero tension, too much shouting and a predictable ending.

There is worse than 'Cats': it's called 'Escape room 2, tournament of champions'. Trash.
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