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Sci-Fi | Thriller
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23.976 fps
English 5.1  
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98 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Andrew Baird [Director] ,

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Set in the near future in a colony of state-of-the-art humanoid robots. When its creator's daughter goes missing, he hires private investigator David Carmichael, to bring her home. David teams up with Jane, a highly advanced and self-aware A.I., to track down the missing daughter. Moving through the dangerous iron jungle, they rapidly piece together the mystery, uncovering a crime that leads them to question the origins of Zone 414 and the true purpose behind the "City of Robots."


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Zone 414

This is a low rent, cheapo knock off Blade Runner meet Westworld.

The Harrison Ford role goes to Guy Pearce. He plays David Carmichael, a no nonsense former cop. After being vetted by Joseph Veidt, a psychiatrist. David is hired to find the missing daughter of billionaire Marlon Veidt, the older brother of Joseph.

Melissa Veidt has been missing for several weeks in Zone 414. A place where lifelike androids created by Marlon Veidt can interact with humans. In many ways it's a seedy pleasure palace where humans pay a fortune to go and have sex with the androids.

Melissa was close to a very highly developed sentient android called Jane. She is the one who might know more about Zone 414 and Melissa's fate.

Zone 414 starts off interestingly enough but cannot hide its B movie roots and ultra low budget.

The prosthetics on the actor playing Marlon is poor. There is too much talking and a serious lack of action.

Even the neo noir mystery is a failure having to rely on a confession from the eventual murderer. A hackneyed uninspiring movie.

Watch it with an open mind.

I feel like most of the "It's a Blade Runner rip off" reviews on here were written by people that went into the viewing of this movie with an already jaded attitude towards it and the mindset that it simply could not compare to some of the deep and compelling futuristic sci-fi movies of this genre that have some before.

That being said, if you watch this movie with the mindset that you'll take it for what it is, and enjoy the excellent acting of Guy Pearce, than you might be pleasantly surprised.

This movie is obviously low budget, but hides it well with some decent actors, a few cool special effects and a reasonably well written story line. It paints itself as a bit of a cerebral movie in the fact that if you do not listen to all of them dialogue, you will definitely miss important plot points. Zone 414 is dark and brooding with well placed theme music to accentuate the mood in many of the scenes.

Anyways, my synopsis is: Is it great? No! Is it good? Yes! Guy Pearce doesn't make a bad movie, and this film deserves more of a chance than it's gotten so far. Worth a watch.

Travis Fimmel ruins a mediocre movie

Take Westworld and Blade Runner.

Have Guy Pearce look ill.

Travis Fimmel look like Vigo from Ghostbusters 2 and deliver the worst performance I've ever seen in media.

Horrible line delivery, horrible prosthetics, garbage chewing the scenery. Just awful cringe acting by him.

I can't express fully how awful Travis Fimmel is.
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