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9/11 from the President's perspective, with exclusive access to information from the one's that had to take decisions during the World Trade Center's attack.


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Very interesting, though one-sided perspective.

A well-made documentary. What is interesting about it is that even 20 years later, the Bush administration continues to push the narrative that "there was nothing in the security briefings" about an impending attack. However, it was widely reported that Bush simply didn't read any of his security briefings. Under Clinton, the briefings were often 10 pages or more, he demanded details and would quiz the intelligence services. Bush simply took them and never read them. The briefings were shortened again and again, until they were a single page of bullet points. So yes, it is very unlikely one of those bullet points stated, "impending attack using commercial flights", but I can't help thinking the Clinton administration may have had a better chance of averting disaster with the type of intelligence the president demanded.

Very well made film. Definitely worth a watch.

Never Forget.

I am from a country that had nothing to do with either the people who subscribed to an ideology of Jihad nor the people who were targeted. I have no family or friends who died or were affected by the events.


I remember the morning of September 12th 2001, I was in my early teens. I had never seen a bolder headline in the newspaper than that, until that day.

I asked my dad what happened, he replied to me "America's arrogance is brought down".

I could not fathom those words. That image was engraved in my memory and I can never forget it.

This is a very well done documentary about the visceral nature of the attack in step-by-step manner. I will probably never see a day of such horror in my life.

I will always remember the people who were affected by it.

Interesting fly-on-the-wall documentary

If you go into this documentary expecting a thorough analysis of 9/11, its leadup or its impact, by the interviewees like Rice and Bush themselves, then don't watch it. Go for Netflix's Turning Point or even better; PBS's Frontline: America After 9/11. Those do a great job of dissecting the events that led to 9/11 as well as the aftermath and policy failures that followed it, from the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets in 1979 until the Capitol raid in 2021.

It is unfortunate that this documentary does not touch any of these subjects at all, especially with the people they have interviewed. But then again, I'd guess Bush wouldn't consent to an interview if it would be a careful breakdown of his policy failures after 9/11. What this documentary does show in a well made manner, is a day in the life of the president of the US, when that day suddenly turns into a major crisis. It follows the decisions made around him by his Secret Service detail amd by himself, to the minute. It's well enough constructed, but not groundbreaking stuff.
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