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Sci-Fi | Thriller
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English 5.1  
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Eddie Arya [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Disaster unfolds in Badger, a small farming town in the state of New York when a meteor strike contaminates the air, turning it toxic. People begin to die. Lauren, an astrobiologist, tracked by Homeland security, is called in to find answers for this unearthly event.She reluctantly gets involved in the effort to solve the ensuing crisis. Meanwhile, a gigantic tree, an other-worldly object has grown at the site of the meteorite impact. It becomes apparent, once was speculated to be a meteorite is in fact an experimental seed sent to Earth in their search for a new home. The seed is sent from a dying world, a desperate world in order to grow their trees to create a habitable environment for themselves on Earth and then colonise it. —Eddie Arya


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Do NOT watch

To name some of the issues: bad directing, weird dialogue, weird use of green screen, bad acting, awful nonsensical plot after the first maybe 5 minutes, bad pacing and many many other issues. The only positive i can think of is the soundtrack.

Please do yourself a favor and skip this.

I have seen The room, Birdemic, 2036 Origin Unknown and many other terrible movies but this movie passes them all.

Sorry, but no.

This film is aimed at 13 year old and/or sad, lonely male vets with beards, tats and more logged hours on a playstation than the average 13 year old. It's that bad.

I mean, "Terri Purchase as Dr. Thompson" kinda says it all. Most of the "actors" here have a small handful of work behind them; mostly straight to video crap. Not a film with any noticeable talent on screen. Or behind. Sigh.

This is bottom of the barrel stuff that even Ed Wood would pass on.

Wtf is this

Slow since beginning nothing but talking. Less talking more acting please. Crazy.
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