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Directors: Floyd Russ [Director] ,

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A brawl broke out near the end of a game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons on November 19, 2004. Nearly 17 years later, we re-examine that night and all the consequences they came from it.


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Good insight into a Tragic Night

Huge NBA fa and I definately remember this game. This doc shows the story from the main Pacers players involved, and I think all the players do a good job of getting their story out there. I feel bad for Jermaine O'Neal for being punished for his honorable intentions, I found Meta World Peace to be a fairly sympathetic guy who some extreme mental health issues, and I have always admired Jackson for his warrior spirit. I would have liked a little more story near the end - maybe 20 extra minutes.

Well Produced Documentary

If you enjoy documentaries that are both entertaining and insightful, this one hits on all cylinders. During the start of the pandemic, ESPN released 'The Last Dance' and it had many of looking forward to watching TV again on Sunday night. That's because re-living the Jordan era through a well produced documentary was a chance of a lifetime. The story line, music, research, unknown facts and events that were revealed kept us hook.

Likewise, this documentary deserves critical acclaim! I watched it on a flight and it did not disappoint. The producers did their homework and gave everyone an opportunity to share their part of the experience. Kudos to NetFlix for a job well done.

Great recap of the most controversial NBA brawl

I enjoyed this documentary because it explored the angles from all the sides: the players, the fans, and the security. I loved the camera work and how the interviews with the players, fans, and security were conducted. It shared many of the same traits as 'The Last Dance'. Even the part where the main star is looking at clips from years ago on a computer though this time Artest is looking at them through a Macbook and Jordan was looking at them through an iPad.

I do think that it is basically all a recap for the more hardcore NBA fans so there won't really be that much new content in this documentary if you've already seen clips of Ron Artest or others talking about the 'Malice at the Palace'. If you're more of a casual NBA fan who doesn't know as much about this event then you'll really enjoy this documentary.
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