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5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Sisworo Gautama Putra [Director] ,

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Mawarti, the mother, who dies from mysterious illness, leaves behind Munarto (her husband, a businessman obsessed with his job), Tomi (her son, a quiet boy), Rita (her daughter, a party girl), and Mr. Karto (a sickly but religious servant). On the first night after Mawarti's death, Tomi sees his dead mother but does not talk to her. The next day, he takes the advice of his friend and visits a fortune teller, who warns that his whole family is in great danger and may die, and advises him to fortify himself with black magic.


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Cult horror

Indonesian cult horror that takes inspiration from American works of the late 70s like "Phantasm" or "Salem's Lot". It has a surprising Islamic religious side and quite spooky moments, especially for its time.

Scary Movie Back Then...

Despite of the makeup that too ordinary for a horror film, the story plot was frightening enough until now. Perhaps if we watch this movie in the recent time, I'm sure it's nothing compare to any modern horror film. But when you watched this movie back in the 80s, inside the theater, it could gave you a nightmare.

All reviews are agreeing...Amazing

Normally these IMDb reviews are all different, and the various reviewers criticize other reviews, etc. But not the case for Satan's Slave here. First of all, we all agree that the movie isn't much like Phantasm at all. Except for a scene or two of a teenager on a motorcycle and him visiting a fortune teller (neither of which affect the plot), there aren't many similarities. However, we all also agree that this is an enjoyable horror film. The house scenes at night were shot well and look pretty creepy. The evil maid was spooky. The story of finding God to help overcome the devil is not original, but it's done well in this film. All in all, it's worth renting or finding it for free on youtube.
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