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8 / 10 
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Directors: Morgan Neville [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A documentary about Anthony Bourdain and his career as a chef, writer and host, revered and renowned for his authentic approach to food, culture and travel.


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Highly Recommended

We all need to watch these kinds of movies and think about them. We really need to care more about ourselves and the people around us.


This was a very well done documentary and it was emotional that I cried in the end. I hope people realize that depression is a serious illness.

Great Film

Having just finished Kitchen Confidential and now halfway through Medium Raw, I am late to the party in admiration of Anthony Bourdain. I am not a foodie of any sort, living on pasta and chicken and having a total aversion to restaurants. Bourdain was much more than a celebrity chef. He was an amazing storyteller and gifted writer with an uncanny ear for his surroundings. He traveled the world in search of good food and everyday people. His cynical world view matches my own. Through interviews with people he worked with and family, including two ex-wife, we feel the quiet desperation which fueled an inner restlessness which we all feel at times in our lives. I cannot praise this film highly enough. It is, so far, the best movie if the year.
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