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Action | Adventure
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127 min
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7 / 10 
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Directors: Jaume Collet-Serra [Director] ,

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Based on Disneyland's theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles but with a supernatural element.


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" AMAZEBALLS ?????????? "

A -BIG- Screen Full Length Review. Viewed Aug.09, 2021.

______________________________________________________Frank Wolff : "Hey , McGregor! . . . Had a girlfriend once, she was cross-eyed. Didn't work out. We could never see eye to eye!".

______________________________________________________1. " What A Ride ???" : This is a journey filled with Colour, Beauty, Awe, Drama, "Massive"-Spectacle, But -Most- Of All, { " HUMOUR . . . & HEART " }. Now, I like to think of myself as a person who has a ( -fairly- ) high bar when it comes to the 'funnies', so I just -have- to say, Dwayne Johnson's 'Frank Wolff' delivers -So many- ..."genuinely" Ribtickling Spur-Of-The-Moment puns... in Jungle Cruise ( 'JC', for short ) ; that I -honestly- couldn't help but get "Drawn-in", & to the fullest, at that . . . . almost 'Every-darn-time'. Not to mention all the masterfully executed -Slapstick- humour ?? { a little taste of which is in the movie's -"Official Trailer 1"- ( August '20 ) }. All in all, expect Two-hours-and-seven-minutes of Non-stop, "Lavish" . . . . Wholesome -{ Family }- Entertainment.

2. So, Does He Still Charm, Endear, & Delight ? Short answer : -{ Yes }- . . . . he can, & -Does- , still well and truly "ROCK" The Boat. -{ However }- I sincerely urge you not to expect any particularly 'Oscar-worthy' sort of performance from The Man himself, Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Meaning -things like- you're just going to get the 'Same old', run-of-the-mill American Accent from him yet again, despite him playing the role of, get this, a -Spaniard- . . . Living in -Brazil- . { To be -Entirely- fair, this was almost ( certainly ) a directorial-Call by the picture's absolutely " OUTSTANDING ?? " Director, Jaume Collet-Serra ; for reasons I -Shan't- disclose, so as to not give anything away }. So anyways, I'm just going to recommend that you go to the cinema -{ Expecting }- to see him put in a "Thorough & Dedicated Performance", with a few "impressive" surprises sprinkled into the mix, for what it's worth. And inasmuchas the sister-brother duo of Emily Blunt's 'Lily Houghton' & Jack Whitehall's 'MacGregor Houghton' are concerned, ready yourself for an incredibly -{ FUN }- journey with these two effusive, "Mega-Talented Stars" and veterans of the Film and Telivision business, ( respectively ). In the " nascently Post-Victorian ?? " setting of JC, you are likely to find these two characters to be -Nothing- less than sheerly Affable, Charming, & Indeed Just, " All Around . . . . DELIGHTFUL ".

3. "Jesse Lon Plemmons" Was The Marvellous "Shock" : of this huge, exciting movie { well for -Me- ateast, that is to say }. He portrays the Tyrannically-Monstrous German "Prince Joachim : your worst nightmare straight outta World War 1", in Jungle Cruise. So here's the thing. Not much having been a big afficionado -for the most part at least- of the whole 'Breaking Bad' craze, { arguably Jesse's first 'Really, Really' big-break ( as 'Todd Alquist', 11 Eps., 2012-13 ) }, I'd somehow managed to let his " WHOPPING ???" Sixty-three Acting Role Career, to date, somehow slip under the radar ; with the -Sole- exception being his -Relatively- "diminutive" ( yet 'tremendously' enjoyable ) part as the -genuinely- likeable "Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord" in 2012's massive blockbuster, 'Battleship'. And Now, to see him { seemingly } "come out of nowhere", take on this 'Way' larger-than-life kind of part ; & play it with Utter, Consummate -{ " CLASS " }- . . . . oh, & don't even get me -started- about his -fabulously- performed German Accent. Suffice to say that his portrayal of the aforementioned -and entirely fictitious- "Evil megalomaniacal occultist" Prince, was executed well . . . -{ " IMMACULATELY " }- .

Summation : Indeed, had it not been for -all- the pretty gross out -{ " OVERKILL " }- Mud, Slime, and the -hundreds- , literally , of Bugs & Bees -In- Said Slime, ( the aforementioned trailer -Will- , b.t.w , be able to give you a small, but 'succinct', flavour of this ) . . . I might just have given this film my { "trademark" } 12 , or -"Even 13!" - , marks out of 10, reserved "Exclusively" for films that I 'Very, Very wholeheartedly' enjoy. However, as that stuff -{ DID }- actually bother me a fair bit, ( " Sorry, but that's just -ME- " ) . . . It's going to remain a 'Solid 10 Marks Out Of 10' . So, umm, still " not too shabby , eh " . . . . . " Wouldn't 'Ya Reckon ?? ???" .

Felt Tedious !!

Trust me , I really wanted to enjoy this movie but as the movie kept going i just couldn't ... The movie had its moments , there are some solid scenes but the movie didn't feel fresh. Inspite of a solid cast and amazing visuals i personally couldn't stop yawing after a certain point. This movie is very similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, if Johnny depp had acted in the place of Dwayne Johnson this movie Would have been Pirates of the Caribbean 6. To me this movie was a big disappointment.

This Amazon based Disney attraction delivers!

Dating from 1955, Jungle Cruise was one of the key attractions at Disneyland when it first opened. Full of corny spiel from the lovable boat captains, the experience is nicely evoked in the new Disney movie: a true summer blockbuster that delights.

  • Cut the movie open and it reads "summer blockbuster pleaser" through the middle. This is largely down to the charisma of its two stars, Blunt and Johnson, who prove why they are both such bankable commodities. It's clearly based on the "will they/won't they" simmering sexual chemistry between two polar-opposites, as featured in movies such as "Romancing the Stone" and "The African Queen". (Since the theme park ride was heavily influenced by the latter, this is no surprise). But there's also a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek ridiculousness as featured in other great B-movie homages such as "The Mummy" and (most notably) "Raiders of the Lost Ark". (A few scenes directly mimic the Indiana Jones movies.)
  • The supporting cast also have fun with their roles. Jack Whitehouse, doing almost a like-for-like copy of John Hannah's character in "The Mummy", could have been extremely annoying. But although he's the comic relief in the piece, he steers it just the right side of farcical, avoiding Jar-Jar Binks territory. ("When in Rome" he declares, swallowing a flagon of fermented spit. "God - I wish I was in Rome"!) Jesse Plemons, one of my favourite actors, who proved his comic chops in "Game Night", here delivers one of the most over-the-top Nazis since Ronald Lacey's Toht in "Raiders". Rounding things off is Paul Giamatti with a bizarrely comic performance as Nilo, a competing riverboat owner.

  • Special effects, cinematography (Flavio Martínez Labiano, of "The Shallows") and James Newton-Howard's score all add to the lush blockbuster feel of the movie. And director Jaume Collet-Serra (who did the clever shark B-movie "The Shallows") keeps the movie clipping along at a fine rate, with only a few sections of character-building dialogue to get the kids fidgety.

  • I mean, it's popcorn nonsense of course. The Amazonian 'McGuffin' is a tree that only comes to life under very specific conditions. And isn't it amazing that watery machinery (developed by who?) still works after at least 400 years, when my dishwasher gives up after ten? (But it's done with verve and style, so who cares?)
  • Although the screenplay is actually very slick for a movie of this type, it feels like a script by committee at times. A single writer might have been tempted to duck the Hollywood ending and leave things on a more thoughtful, albeit downbeat, note.

Summary Thoughts on "Jungle Cruise": This was a pleasant surprise for me. A fun and light-hearted movie that ticks all the boxes as a summer blockbuster. It nicely evokes the cheesiness of the theme park ride operator (past alumni have included Robin Williams and Kevin Costner), especially with Johnson's opening scenes. But then rounds it out as a spectacular and appealing tongue-in-cheek adventure.

And, by the way, in case you fancy sitting through the interminable end titles to watch a post-credits scene.... there isn't one.


Parental Guidance: One question might be whether, with a "12A" certificate, this summer blockbuster is one that your kids might enjoy or be freaked out by. A comparison with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is perhaps useful here. There are quite a number of "jolts" involving snakes and bees but probably not as bad as the ones you get in an uncut version of "Raiders" (think the spiked Satipo; the mummies/snakes when escaping the 'Well of Souls'; and the melting Nazi bad-guys). So if you have kids that lapped up that stuff then I don't think they would have any issues with this one.

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