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A private investigator in Chile hires someone to work as a mole at a retirement home where a client of his suspects the caretakers of elder abuse.


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A Delightful "DOCUMENTARY".... Truly Unlike Any Other!


Before launching into this Review... I think it only fair to include a personal DISCLAIMER: My 98 Year old mother has spent the last 10 Years of her life in a 24/7 assisted living facility in Bogota, Colombia... quite similar to the one depicted in this heart-warming Chilean DOCUMENTARY... Although here, I would label it more of a Docudrama.

When You consider the many millions of people around the world who are living currently in institutions similar to the one seen in MOLE AGENT and the additional tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people who also have a family member being cared for in one of these facilities, isn′t it just a tad bizarre that it is probably a sure bet You cannot name ONE single additional movie that is set in a home for the elderly!?!?!? What does that say about Western Civilization?

The film forced me to ask myself... "Who Could possibly NOT LIKE this movie?"... Which then prompted me to "INVESTIGATE"..... With rather interesting results: A WHOPPING 65% of Viewers rated it 8, 9 or 10 *STARS*.... If You add the 6 & 7 *STAR* Ratings... It jumps to a NEAARLY UNANIMOUS 95.1%!!! ...SO.... Turns out I was pretty much RIGHT ON! Just about NOBODY really DOESN′T LIKE The MOLE AGENT!

The "ACTORS" are all listed as playing themselves... Hence, the designation "DOCUMENTARY". OK.... I have probably seen a number of Chilean films before this one, and Lead Actor SERGIO CHAMBY did look vaguely familiar... But if I were to tell You..."Oh, Yeah! Of course I remember him!" I would not be leveling with You! So, let′s just leave it at that! Although, to be fair, his performance was masterfully inspired and subtely nuanced! As for the ensemble cast, all of the members contritubed extremely natural, true-to-life performances, that gave the overall production a genuine Labor-of-Love feel!

What is the Take Away from MOLE AGENT? Most of these institutions are quite decent places. Staffed by extremely personable and conscientious professionals. The elderly people instituionalized there, are for the most part, sociable with a lot to offer the world and others who live there! They love and miss their families and relatives, and talk about them pretty much all the time. Couldn′t we, in turn, just call them and visit them just a little bit more often than we do???

Not what I expected but in a good way

I thought this would be either quirky or depressing but it was neither. It was truly heartwarming, it made me want to visit the local nursing homes after restrictions are lifted and spend more time with my grandma who is 92. They are still humans with a wealth of stories to share. I hope this wins every Oscar it is up for.

Heartbreaking and human portrait of old age today

I think for something I have put it off so much. A documentary that addresses the situations of older people in nursing homes or special homes in a way that works.

I am not very into documentaries, they never quite hook me, no matter how good they are, but this one has such a calm but powerful way of dealing with the different situations that these grandparents find themselves that makes you move. Each case moved me and made me feel a tremendous loneliness and helplessness.

Congratulations to the team for this humane work, and above all as a spectator, thanks to the grandparents for exposing themselves in such a vulnerable way and teaching the world their stories.

Happy this makes it to this year's Oscars.
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