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Horror | Thriller
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5.5 / 10 
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Directors: Jeremy Hoenack [Director] ,

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A detective tracks a serial killer through San Francisco.


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Competent but undistinguished.

An early example of the serial killer features that would eventually proliferate, "Killer's Delight" takes its inspiration (apparently) from the crimes of the notorious real-life Ted Bundy. A disguise-happy creep (John Karlen, 'Dark Shadows') rides about in a yellow van and regularly abducts, tortures, and slaughters attractive young women. A police detective named DeCarlo (James Luisi, "The Hidden") realizes that these murders are the work of one person, and is coldly determined to stop him, no matter what he has to do.

"Killer's Delight" (also known as "The Sport Killer" and "The Dark Ride") goes through its exploitative paces adequately, with suspense, titillation, and very little in the way of gore. Here, screenwriter Maralyn Thoma and director Jeremy Hoenack try to maintain a balance between following the actions of the psycho, and the actions of the cop. It has time for some humor, as DeCarlo pals around with fellow detective Mike Mitelman (Martin Speer (Wes Cravens' "The Hills Have Eyes"), who was also the art director on this show). The film is sufficiently entertaining, if not exemplary in any way. Its biggest plot twist occurs in the final third when DeCarlo asks his paramour, psychiatrist Carol Thompson (lovely TV veteran Susan Sullivan, 'Falcon Crest' and 'Dharma & Greg'), to act as the bait in a trap for the creep.

With other familiar faces like Hilarie Thompson ("Nighthawks"), Anne-Marie Martin (the original "Prom Night"), and Buck Flower ("They Live"), in a cameo as a distraught witness, it's easy enough to watch "Killer's Delight", especially as it works to create a constant sense of creeping dread. Karlen is a standout as the murderer, the kind of character one feels filthy just watching.

Overall, a decent procedural / body count thriller, somewhat obscure these days but which die hard fans of the genre may want to seek out.

Six out of 10.

not really a horror

This so-called horror was made just before the slasher era. And it shows. It is based on the life of a real serial killer, Ted Bundy, but to be honest, it doesn't. Nevertheless this flick is worth seeing for those who wants to see the San Fran era at the end of the seventies, the clothes, the highway (before it collapsed in the 1989 earthquake) and the cars.

If you think you are going to see some nasty stuff well it isn't going to be so. There's no scary or bloody moment to see overall this flick. The only parts that your face can turn away is the part were they show the pictures from the crime delict. What you see are full naked girls being murdered.

It's slow moving in parts with stupid conversations between the detectives but the flick itself isn't released properly to this writing. You can catch it as Killer's Delight on DVD or on the extreme hard to get Dutch VHS with the opening credits as The Dark Ride which is even full uncut. I watched it on the Dutch release, dark in places because it's a low budget flick with no extra lighting. Still, for the real geeks worth picking up somehow.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 0/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

Female hitchhikers are such easy prey ..............................

I don't know why, but I underestimated "Killer's Delight". After all it is a 1978 film, based on the Ted Bundy case, which has been worked to death over the years. Nevertheless, I was surprised that this exploitation movie was interesting, not predictable, and beautifully photographed with saturated colors. As the body count mounts, the arrogant killer continues to stick his ass in the face of the pursuing detectives. Speaking of the detectives, one resembles John Saxon, while the other looks like Serpico's brother. The killer also bears a slight resemblance to William Devane. But I digress, The whole thing is delightfully kinky, with nudity, torture, a trap, and a very satisfying conclusion. - MERK
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