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Action | Drama
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23.976 fps
Korean 5.1  
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92 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Seong-hun Kim [Director] ,

Movie Description:
As a side story to the Kingdom saga, Kingdom: Ashin of the North explores, reveals and explains the origins and synthesis of the resurrection plant and the mystery behind Ashin's identity. This film revolves around and goes in-depth into the character of Ashin who was introduced at the end of the series' finale. —coleman-55372


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People like it because it's a sequel to a great series and because it's Korean

Every review below mentions Korean this, Korean that. From an Asian perspective and from a horror fanatic perspective, this movie is dry and cliche as zombie movies and female protagonists go. Message of film: privileged, male ignorance gets punished, while a humbly upbrought, family-caring strong woman is top. That, and gore gets views. The characters are unbelievably dumb that it's laughable. When the soldiers raid the civilians in the beginning of the film, they behead the civilians to kill them. But just by "chance" when the zombies infiltrate the camp, they do everything but aim for the head and heart... almost like the writers just wanted it to be a slaughtering where experienced and strong men died from their foolishness and ignorance. All the pieces from start to finish fit together not because they logically would play out that way in real life, but because the writers have to push the story along.

Just my opinion. Wasn't a fan. Kingdom is great though.

Black widow of Kingdom universe

Origin story: checkBelieveable setting: checkGritty performance: checkZombie flick: checkCold revenge: checkJun Ji Hyun: checkwhat more could we possibly ask?!


No touch discovered till yet with the previous seasons, but in this episode the story shocked the viewers.
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