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Directors: Jayme Laforest [Director] ,

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Kelvin Anis is an average teen whose life is turned upside down when he's forced to move from Los Angeles to a small mid-western town. On his first day of school, he befriends Fritz, an unpopular, wise-cracking misfit, who introduces Kelvin to the school's chess team. Only, the chess team is just a front for Fritz's unsanctioned Rock Paper Scissors league and Kelvin quickly gets thrown into the ridiculous culture of this so called "sport". Along with the gangly "movie producer", ReRun, the child genius, Cheddar and the uniquely gifted, Einstein, Kelvin joins Fritz's squad to form the team of five they need to qualify for the World Championships. And if joining an RPS playing team of misfits wasn't enough to make Kelvin a target of the school bully, Jordan, his budding romance with popular girl, Valerie, puts him squarely in Jordan's sites.


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Funny Stuff!

This is the epitome of a low-budget film with extremely high-talent behind the lens. Writing is tight, editing is sharp as a razor, music is persistently great throughout and the acting is exactly what one would expect from a movie where the ultimate goal is to play rock-paper-scissors in a large, professionally-produced environment. As ridiculous as it may sound, the story actually makes a lot of sense throughout the progression of the main characters journey.

It's 90 minutes of tomfoolery. Without knowing you, I know that you, the reader, have sat through much longer endeavors and felt cheated out of time sucked form your life. This is not one of those films. It tells you exactly what it is and never wavers. Have a Labatt Blue and a pastrami sandwich and relish in the kind of silliness you used to cherish as a teen.

Way more than expected

I met one of the filmmakers a few years ago at a horror festival and he told me about how they stretched a $550k budget to make this movie work. The final tournament is an impressive feat considering what they had to work with. Budget aside though you can't argue with a good script and though it's far from his horror stories this film has some funny stuff and classic one-liners.

Local boy gets it done!

This film is one near and dear to my heart, I was involved from the start and so glad that it has finally been picked up. My wife and I watched it together and totally enjoyed it, a few scenes not meant for kids but lots of laughs throughout the film. Great to see so many kids from the area with nice size roles as well as cameos. Cinematography and soundtrack were stellar and they both kept the pace up so time flew by. The character development was wonderful to watch as the movie progressed. Cheers to everyone involved!
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