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Italian 2.0  
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86 min
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5.2 / 10 
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Directors: Lucio Fulci [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Lester Parson is a lonely gigolo who dates and kills off middle-aged women in ultra-gory fashion just for the pleasure of watching them die, as well as to take their money and jewelery as well as cook and eat their remains for his dinner. —Anonymous


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It's got the Fulci gore but the comedy isn't very funny

Lester Parsons (nicknamed "The Maniac" by the media) uses lonely hearts to meet rich women, brutally kill them and steal their money to fund his gambling addiction. As a fan of Lucio Fulci and Italian horror in general I was looking forward to watching this for the first time, however I was quite surprised (and disappointed) to find out that it is a horror/black comedy, even worse is that it's not a very good one. There is plenty of very graphic gore, some of it looks good, some of it looks very fake, but no complaints on that count. Sadly I found the "comedy" side of it poor, it's either just not funny or it's plain stupid, for example Lester is chasing a victim in his car down a dirt track. The victim could easily have come off the track but instead tries to out-run a Mercedes! Another scene has Lester stopped at a police road block, incredibly the cop fails to notice that the passenger in the front seat is a corpse, drrrr! There is an overuse of happy waltz style music during the "funny" parts, which is then countered by ripping off Psycho's shower scene music for the kills. Filmed on 16mm it does look a bit odd watching this on a widescreen TV, although I found it rather disappointing I'll probably give it another go.

A pretty awesome gore film

I truly loved this film. It's super gory, and has a very strange misogynistic black comedy thing going on. I thought it was pretty funny, I feel like I got what Fulci was trying to do here. I see alot of people saying that this one doesn't make any sense. I think it does, it's just something you have to draw your own conclusions with, just like the beyond, or house by the cemetery.

Pleasantly surprised

I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I didn't go into this expecting much as i've never been a huge Fulci fan, but I do enjoy him, and as far as Fulci this probably had tighter editing and a more straightforward storyline than anything else I've seen by him. The 'twist' was obvious the entire time but it didn't make the film any less enjoyable and there were no plot holes- maybe a first for him?This film was less surreal than most and mainly focused on dark comedy and a simple crime tale, not much in the way of sets or cinematography, but it did what it set out to do, and with less stumbling than I've come to expect from the 'godfather of gore'. All in all a worthy watch if you can get your hands on the BluRay edition.
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