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Comedy | Sport
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24 fps
chi 5.1  
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98 min
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Han Han [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Five years ago, veteran driver Zhang Chi was suspended for illegal racing. When he returned to the game, he found himself starting all over again. After some difficulties, he and his car appeared again on the Bayinbrooke circuit. However, because of an accident, his life ended on the track.


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The story of zhang chi's pursuit of dreams and success, starring shen teng, moved me deeply, reminding me of my own way of pursuing dreams and causing me to think deeply.

Worth every second

Stumbles a bit at first, but every thing is part of the plan. 9/10


A hearty film that you can instantly tell it is probably Han Han's pet project. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and the motif in the film is plain and simple, keep pursuing what you love even if it means losing everything. Perhaps Zhang Chi is what he sees in himself. What is wrong with the film is what is not done. Pegasus feels like a lost opportunity because it is too short. It is able to construct interesting and lovable characters with a funny plot, but the length of it makes it feel insignificant and it feels like there are so many details that is worth exploring. This also disrupts the overall pacing of the film, what could have been a really great film feels rather insignificant in the end.
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