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Odd little Western that gets off to a snappy start when a man (Matt Dow) is mistaken as a train robber. After the town's sheriff shoots the kid he's riding with, Dow clears his name and ends up as the new sheriff. He romances a Swedish woman and settles in to a peaceful life only to find that the boy has a few secrets of his own. —Ed Lorusso


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An underrated Western Movie

This film is a criminally underrated old western. The acting, story, and cinematography are all great and it was extremely enjoyable to watch. This is one of James Cagney's later films but he is still full of energy and this is up there with his best performances. The movie has a lot of great lessons and themes about not jumping to conclusions, not trying to find the easy way out in life, and dealing with one's past. The cinematography is also spectacular throughout the entire film and I love the setting in the mountains. The story is suspenseful at times, emotional, and scattered with great action scenes. Overall this movie is a must-see for classic western fans and those who just like good films.

Wonderful Oater Wins With Stunning Cinematography

An overlooked western genre gem, this Cagney led film features a combo of Borgnine and Cagney with a younger Jon Derek (of Bo Derek fame) all of whom combine to help a briskly plotted story come to life on the stunning backdrop of the Colorado Rockies. Cagney fans will undoubtedly have some difficulty accepting their favorite gangster as a Sherrif But Cagney performs seamlessly and by mid movie it's likely that even the most hardened Public Enemy fans will have accepted the trade of a six gun for the tommy gun. One wonders if Cagney couldn't have done more in this genre. Love, romance, gunslingers and Gorgeous vistas combine to make this movie a solid must see.

Decent, Conventional Western with James Cagney Near His Best

RUN FOR COVER, starring James Cagney, was directed by Nicholas Ray the same year he made "Rebel without a Cause". Some typical Ray motifs are present (surrogate father->son relationship, unrest caused by social injustice and prejudice, mob mentality), but it's more conventional than e.g. "Johnny Guitar". Still, it's well-paced, well-acted, even by John Derek, and very well photographed (by Daniel Fapp) - with an agreeable, typically Steiner-esque score by Howard Jackson. Certainly worth a look.
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