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Action | Drama
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Chinese 2.0  
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95 min
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6.1 / 10 
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Directors: John Woo [Director] ,

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Superkicker Dorian Tan Tao-liang plays a Shaolin student who must find a Manchu traitor responsible for the murder of the abbot. Jackie Chan is a spear fighting expert who decides to help Tan because the traitor killed his brother. Part of their mission is to help a scholar make it safely across the river without getting killed from the Manchus. —Albert Valentin


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Simple and straightforward

There's nothing much to say about this film except that it was a typical and straightforward Shaolin centered martial arts revenge action film, but with a Seven Samurai-like narrative.

It was kinda draggy at parts, but overall, it's a nothing-too-special kung fu flick that is somewhat entertaining.

Jackie Chan and John Woo learning their trade

From the 'Golden (Harvest) age of kung fu comes this old school period style film from a bunch of young guns lead by director Wu Yu Shang (later to become famous as John Woo) featuring Tao Liang Tan (Dorian Tan) James Tien, Chan Yuan Lung (Jackie Chan), Hung Kam Bo (Sammo Hung) and Biao Yuen (Yuen Biao).Good solid stuff with Woo adding some touches of class with some nice scenic shots wrapped around the usual broad brush story and frequent action.Being 'old school' means the action is generally rather contrived and stiff, two guys going through a set series of moves and counters in a kind of rythmic dance, but it seems to improve as the movie progresses (either that or this viewer became less discriminating).A taekwondo champion in Korea, Tan was renowned for his outstanding high kicking technique, which is impressive, however he's not much of an actor and nothing special to look at.James Tien is far more charismatic in the lead villains role, with Hung providing trademark support as a semi comedic henchman.Jackie Chan fills one of the two main friend of the hero roles and gets a couple of spots to show his wares, including what may be the best fight sequences in the film, as one of his adversaries has the most interesting weapon in the movie, a sort of sword blade on the end of a chain.Yuen Biao has a minor role, but was mainly on hand to act as stunt double for the two leads apparentlyIf pre Bruce Lee 70s kung fu is your bag, then this won't let you down.

A tale of courage

Before the era of heroic bloodshed John Woo the master of gun-fu make some martial arts movies and the one i particular interest in is The hand of Death starring Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.The movie is quite genetic with a plot has been done many time before and even when it featuring a young Jackie Chan he not even the main character.Fan of old school martial arts will enjoy this movie
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