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Poor artist gets eye gouged out while committing a robbery. When his eye heals, he goes on a killing spree and cuts out women's eyes with a spoon. —Josh Pasnak


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Sleazy, loathsome and entirely entertaining...

Very bizarre horror obscurity remembered quite well from its Wizard Video big-box artwork (depicting an eyeball apparently slithering like a slug across the pavement after having been dislodged from its female victim). Albeit repetitive and limited, would love to have the musical score from the film on CD (check it out, you'll know what I'm saying). This is a very campy, low-budget, ultra-sleazy Euro-horror cult classic that Andy Warhol would have absolutely loved. My favorite line from the movie: "I'm a know, a street walker...couldn't you tell? Shit, no wonder I couldn't score tonight!" (the woman says just before her newfound-maniac-friend who she just invited to her nasty apartment decides to wig out, accusing her off being a "pros-ti-tute" and gouging her eyes out).

Given all the obscure horror film oddities that have been released onto disc in really nice widescreen releases by Blue Underground and Severin over the past few years, I find it quite odd that this entertaining little oddity has remained on the back burner.

So many eyeballs, so little time...

"The Headless Eyes" is one of those ridiculous, micro-budget, nutty obscurities that will appeal to B horror enthusiasts who love unearthing little known curios. Swedish actor Bo Brundin ("Raise the Titanic") plays Arthur Malcolm, a starving artist who resorts to thievery. Discovered in the act by a victim, he struggles with her, and she manages to gouge out his left eyeball with a spoon. Now utterly insane, he stalks the streets of NYC, stopping long enough to kill unfortunate citizens and remove their orbs. These he turns into dubious objets d'art.

This film is, overall, too slowly paced, and it doesn't have enough of the laugh out loud moments that would make for a very enjoyable bad movie experience. However, this flaky exercise in horror / exploitation / surrealism / art by writer & director Kent Bateman isn't totally without its amusements. Imagine the gore from a Herschell Gordon Lewis flick, except even MORE tacky. The acting is extremely amateurish from just about everybody involved, although it must be said that Brundin gives an appropriately certifiable performance. At one point, it looks as if he might have a stable influence in his life, a female art student who actually likes his work and wants him to mentor her. But soon, he's going right back to doing what he did before. The decision to stage a later stalking scene in a slaughterhouse is an admittedly novel idea.

This is the kind of thing you watch if you're a completist and want to be able to say that you've seen it. It's not exactly a good film at all, but it has a certain gritty quality going for it.

Other than this flick, Batemans' big claim to fame is having sired acting offspring: Jason ('Arrested Development') and Justine ('Family Ties') Bateman.

Five out of 10.

Watched h the whole thing

Watched the whole thing....Which says a lot I'm writing this review in the year 2017 there's 1 million things to watch my attention span is very short With so many other things to watch. I have Full Moon, Shudder, You Tube, Amazon prime and Netflix HBO Cinemax football very rarely do I go from beginning to end end and not change the movie... that's worth seven stars right there ...... i'm very partial to 1970s movies though if it was from the 90s I probably would have changed it for some, biased subliminal reason..
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