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Directors: Robert MacLean [Director] ,

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Sexy puckish pickpocket Becky, a Bugs Bunny of a girl, is teasing a wallet out of a purse on a crowded Athens metro when she notices Miranda, falls in love, and the chase is on. Oops, Becky picks the pocket of a policeman on vacation, her Elmer Fudd, and he's obsessed with catching her.


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Wow. So bad !

I have seen 1000s of films with lesbian themes, and this one was really the worst one yet. Badly acted, no plot except running around in some streets of some city. That paired with the testosterone that runs though this muck, makes this a very waste of time !

Story goes nowhere..

The movie has a light hearted feel to it; however, the acting is subpar especially from co-star Skyrah Archer. Can't believe she even landed the role to this movie. Alot of chasing (figuratively and literally) and time spent on the psychologist's chair. Overall, would not recommend...
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