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Follow an international fitness expert's inspiring journey from cancer to recovery proving her philosophy that physical exercise makes you stronger to face all of life's adversities.


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A timely story about perseverance

An intimate look into the life of a woman who most consider the picture of strength and stoicism, told through several years of cinéma vérité, mixed media coverage; Stronger for Life offers a side of Ilaria Montagnani never seen before. SFL reminds us that even the most heroic among us are still vulnerable, and puts our humanity at the forefront. With an eerie timeliness, this story stresses the importance of health, family, friendships, and prioritizing your own needs in our culture of productivity and over-work.


Stronger for Life, the story of Ilaria Montagnani, a world-class athlete and fitness entrepreneur, is inspirational and compelling.

Although the story treats with both Ilaria's cancer and her father's terminal cancer, it is never maudlin. Ilaria has always believed that exercise makes you stronger to face all of life's adversities. The challenge of cancer for an athlete can be life-changing. Will Ilaria's philosophy confront and conquer this life challenge.

Beautiful scenes of Ilaria and her family in Italy contrast with the powerful New York scenes, classes in the park and at Equinox, where Ilaria is the only instructor to have won their Lifetime Achievement award.

You will want to watch this over and over again, when you are feeling triumphant and when you need a boost!
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