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Directors: Randall Emmett [Director] ,

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An FBI agent and Florida State officer team up to investigate a string of unsolved murder cases.


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Why ?

I watched this for 2 reasons. I wanted to see Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) and I thought Megan Fox playing an FBI agent might be funny. Unfortunately Colson is barely in it and this isn't funny. As I watched this all I had were questions. Why is Bruce Willis is so many movies doing nothing at all ? Why did anyone think Megan Fox and FBI in the same thought ? Why does Emile Hirsch look like a kid playing a grown-up . Why is Machine Gun Kelly a better actor than the actual actors in this ? Why can't the killer make up his mind ? Why is every female character in this written as just plain stupid ? Why is a movie about a serial killer so boring ? Why am I watching this ? (answer, Colson Baker, he is the only reason to watch and you could watch his videos on loop for 2 hours and be better entertained)

Good, gripping thriller; fine ending.

Ole Bruce, as has been for the last decades, is in for charity and whatever box office prestige he has left; however the rest of the crew deliver.

While the plot evolution is fairly predictable --nothing new under the sun, remember- it is enveloping and the characters are likable, even the bad guys.

Some plot paragraphs should have been exploited some more, instead of innecessary flashabacks but they neither add nor detriment from the narrative.

Ending is almost perfect and I would only have added a bit of character developement there. Go watch it; among the best in the genre this year.

Falls flat

The movie tries to portray seriousness and deep emotion, remains unsuccessful. While the buildup at some places is okay, it never picks up traction. Falls flat in the end, where the climax is barely anything, non-existent rather. Could be a lesson in how not to make a movie.

The poster is just wrong. Mr. Willis is only present in a few scenes that are insignificant. Instead Emile Hirsch would have been a better choice. But this also points to the fact that the viewer is being misled right from the start. Then comes a sub standard dialogue routine, average at best acting, sloppy editing and a bad ending.

Miss Fox should loosen up a little, her acting is very wooden. Emile Hirsch plays a character that is always stressed out but has very little power, another example of bad script writing. Given the physical presence of Mr Hirsch, he should have been given a more powerful character that would offset this trait to some extent.

Conclusion: Don't bother with this one, not recommended even for one time watch.
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